Iceland 145 and 146

Under cover of darkness
The autumn moon
Declares an interest
That is coming soon
The head of the fin
On its bounteous flight
To breathe in the air
That it feels is now right

That will create a willingness
To just swim through
The oceans of plastic
And filth now on view
And just as it exhales
What does it hear
The flight of the loftsson
That brings its own fear

Its sighing its crying
Its dying today
The insatiable lust
Of Japan all the way
Across the far oceans
Where demons exist
Where the blubber and fluke
They fail to resist

Though endangered their thoughts
Are in their stomachs they
Have not a thought
Of the whales in the bay
Their greedy devouring
How they gluttonize
The japanese horror
With sick open eyes

Crammed into their bellies
The agony we
Feel in the west and the test
Is to see
And to hear these great fin whales
Scream out at night
Not sing any more
With all that delight

Just scream unrelentlessly
Up at the moon
And the stars and the universe
And we know soon
The oceans are reeling
From the darkness we cause
Actually in reality we fail now to pause
Dumping our plastic dumping our oil
Slick after slick
And the noise and the toil

And now their reward exploding grenades
Care of the Icelanders whose
Final graves
will be littered with whale souls
For eternal time
Zen tell me when
show me how you will climb

Back from abomination
Japan iceland and Norway

2 comments on “Iceland 145 and 146

  1. Vicki Sedlacek on said:

    Your poetry speaks volumes. Excellent points causing readers to stop and think of damage done to innocent beings. Please keep writing. Thank you.
    ~For The Oceans~

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Vicki every single whale slaughtered harpooned with explosive war heads several pregnant and for what because the icelandic captain was powerful enough to do it. Put most of the flesh into freezers and wait for japan to call it off for shipment.everyone of those beautiful mothers died really for nothing Icelands karmic debt huge

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