Iceland 135 and 136

Both have been flenced of their bodily mass
These two handsome souls
By the whalers so crass
As can be with their murdering
Explosive harpoons
And as they were flencing
They played loudly tunes
Invoking the norse god
ODIN and saying
Voluspa a volva
Saw the great slaying
And the valkyries came
To tAke off the dead
To inspire and to energize
Clearly they lead
The march to oblivion
WIlhelm Fustwrangle
Into the sea

The great souls undoubtedly
Lost all they knew
FIn whales soon broken up
And cut into
Soon into pieces and off to japan
Where the limited mind set
Are man to man
Then each set to work cleaning down
Scrubbing the equipment
They seemed all to share
The task bold as brass
Clearly this seemed their way
Of ending the season and ending the day

Lets hope this is it the others there still below the seas
Can rest in peace for another season

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