Iceland 133 and 134

Today again its carnage
Its terror all the way
Two more beautiful fin whales
Have been made to pay
Just to share the wondrous breath
The harpoon charges them
And death

Follows not so rapidly
An ugly blackness comes to be
Tremendous pain
Deep down inside
Life and joy has been denied
How much I feel for these sad souls
Who will never reach their chosen goals

Cut off in their prime alas
This loftsson character he is crass
Unfair and awful what can we do
To stop these crazies in the blue
This morning here the sky is grey
And I feel for the whales who lost their way
For having to breathe
For having to die
For the japanese masters
And I ask why

There people are an ugly breed
And why they think they should succeed
Slaughtering our precious whales
And not end up in someones jails
Filling their stomachs with life anew
Thats what Japanese diners do
The agony the total pain
And its all happening again

My heart goes out to them
Every last one of them
Their families must mourn terribly

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