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The question of zoophilia and non consent

I am not content With no consent And animals appear To have the very thin End of the wedge And to this end I am Clear We need to look at Human beings And animals and say There are many … Continue reading

Otorongo glue

CHINA sits on top of the Worst animal torturing clan They are throwbacks from the yesteryear Apparently with a plan With their terribly sick mentality Taking the animal tribes to task The tigers lions and jaguars And the elephants that … Continue reading

The final moments

Prancing in his pink and black Beaded squandering lavishness A torturer and a murderer Of Bulls a grubby mean Vile stress A bull thats sufferred terribly At the hands of the cuadrilla men A mob of villains at their worst … Continue reading

Blast fishing

The ego trip these creeps are on No thought for others they What they get out of what they do Is all they want today Fishing they are not waiting They havent got a care In hell or any other … Continue reading

Walls of nets

The self-centred Wrapped up in themselves Egotistic louts Uncharitable and mercenary That leave me with no doubts Out to kill To maim to torture To catch To profit by Destruction of whoever Whoever happens by Drift net fishing Believe it … Continue reading

Mind over matter

think like a hermit Creatively speaking Do not succumb to the Digital age Write with an ipad But use the minds eye Use the hearts energy And by and by Visualize daily Try not to be Influenced by all that … Continue reading


I call the birch the poppy tree Disturb ground and it arrives its like a new beginning And from such thoughts survives As The phantom of the forest Its soulful silvery gaze Under a moon of yellow Its countenance does … Continue reading

Aesculus Hippocastanum and the Barn owl

The flower symbol of Kiev The capital of Ukraine KIER A developer With quite a lot to gain Four beautiful flowering Conker trees Offering bounteous shade Growing in a rich green veld Where wildness had been laid A thing of … Continue reading

Helena’s Oak

Into the underworld with me A tree of life so avidly Breathing light And rooted stock Into this meadow good and green Not only Helena has seen Such resplendence And adorning power And a leap of faith Born of the … Continue reading

Donkey hell

They walked the beach at Blackpool Giving the children rides Supposedly for twenty years But alas in their insides They harboured quite some cruelty From the owner and her man And her daughter Who all lived in Fir Tree Farmhouse … Continue reading