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The question of zoophilia and non consent

I am not content With no consent And animals appear To have the very thin End of the wedge And to this end I am Clear We need to look at Human beings And animals and say There are many … Continue reading

Otorongo glue

CHINA sits on top of the Worst animal torturing clan They are throwbacks from the yesteryear Apparently with a plan With their terribly sick mentality Taking the animal tribes to task The tigers lions and jaguars And the elephants that … Continue reading

The final moments

Prancing in his pink and black Beaded squandering lavishness A torturer and a murderer Of Bulls a grubby mean Vile stress A bull thats sufferred terribly At the hands of the cuadrilla men A mob of villains at their worst … Continue reading

Blast fishing

The ego trip these creeps are on No thought for others they What they get out of what they do Is all they want today Fishing they are not waiting They havent got a care In hell or any other … Continue reading

Walls of nets

The self-centred Wrapped up in themselves Egotistic louts Uncharitable and mercenary That leave me with no doubts Out to kill To maim to torture To catch To profit by Destruction of whoever Whoever happens by Drift net fishing Believe it … Continue reading

Mind over matter

think like a hermit Creatively speaking Do not succumb to the Digital age Write with an ipad But use the minds eye Use the hearts energy And by and by Visualize daily Try not to be Influenced by all that … Continue reading


I call the birch the poppy tree Disturb ground and it arrives its like a new beginning And from such thoughts survives As The phantom of the forest Its soulful silvery gaze Under a moon of yellow Its countenance does … Continue reading

Aesculus Hippocastanum and the Barn owl

The flower symbol of Kiev The capital of Ukraine KIER A developer With quite a lot to gain Four beautiful flowering Conker trees Offering bounteous shade Growing in a rich green veld Where wildness had been laid A thing of … Continue reading

Helena’s Oak

Into the underworld with me A tree of life so avidly Breathing light And rooted stock Into this meadow good and green Not only Helena has seen Such resplendence And adorning power And a leap of faith Born of the … Continue reading

Donkey hell

They walked the beach at Blackpool Giving the children rides Supposedly for twenty years But alas in their insides They harboured quite some cruelty From the owner and her man And her daughter Who all lived in Fir Tree Farmhouse … Continue reading

Taiji 24/9 Risso’s

The banging boats they just came in Clearly some had heard the din They succumbed and all were there Unlike the heathens unaware The japanese speak up on zen In every million perhaps ten The rest are demons in disguise … Continue reading

Truck surfers

Truck surfing is a crime A terrible crime against corporatocracy Today in Preston we have seen Judgement and some will now be Incarcerated as criminals For their peaceful protest This is where We get to against the corporate Thugs who … Continue reading

Kangaroo’s slaughtered

It happened in Western Australia In June and July 4 men apparently carried out Violent acts and why Just because they felt they had The right to And we know A film exists seen by the police And the press … Continue reading

Iceland 22

The blue the sleek the beautiful A hybrid was their cry Half blue half fin What I ask Really truthfully why Any whale should be flensed and packed In ice until Japan Calls off its vatious orders which is how … Continue reading

Copper Beech in the autumn sunshine

Existing and enduring Essentially it be Tangible and visible Just how a tree should be A symbol of great beauty Where imagination bloom Deep down ingrained with spirit Where its right to assume Live creatures big and small And insects … Continue reading

Turtles and their destiny

I find it hard to contemplate Decisions that are made To overide the natural world Where evolution laid An existential promise Instictively that see A vibrational distinction Where sea turtles choose to be A private beach in Florida On the … Continue reading


The harvest brought Masses of apples of runner beans Squashes galore It is a busy time Where expectation And then abscission And more A time to let go Till we feel the first frost The advent of winter When we … Continue reading

Iceland 145 and 146

Under cover of darkness The autumn moon Declares an interest That is coming soon The head of the fin On its bounteous flight To breathe in the air That it feels is now right That will create a willingness To … Continue reading

Faroes 21/9

the grind presents a massacre Of innocence over evil Creation must be stomping Around wondering now how This battlefield of coastal climes Clearly regressed to Earlier times When medieval warriors Pillaged raped and spilled With what is amorality Marched into … Continue reading

Stalking (sick sods walking)

Again there are words That bask in the dark In obtuseness really They make their mark Unconcerned for the calmness That they breach The conscious world That they infact do reach Touched to the quick And so aware Of unwanted … Continue reading

Iceland “hard to Port”

Hard to port A sea of blue Of slate A silent world On view Of towing back graceful sleek Dead whales Lost to the world One of the fails At their peek Yet out of time For the whalers Know … Continue reading

Rollrights 23/9 Autumn Equinox

They forecast high winds and some rain A down pour on the way But when we got to the rollright stones Its blue skies and a play On words for me for the sun was out Shining pretty bright We … Continue reading

Kangaroo and farmers of NSW

Farmers clearly are basically out for what they can get They are killing animals All the time tgey just appear set On kangaroos The wild iconic kangaroo of old Trying to get a sense Of leaving the tags off Kanga … Continue reading

Iceland 143 and and 144 second poem

Music playing on the dock Music while they flense Puddles all about the dock Clearly the men are dense Clearly they lack respect for life Butchers of the sea Fancy getting paid for flensing flesh It sickens me They know … Continue reading

Iceland 143 and 144

The Hvalur 8 is docking Theres no let up for the whales The beautiful endangered fin Dragging their sinewy trails How perfectly onjectionable To treat them in this way Iceland lacks respect For living creatures And they say We shall … Continue reading

Alban Elfed “the light of the water”

Today you join our circle With rich harvests on our mind Thanking our great mother For the Abundance that we find We have watched as she has nurtured The grains and the greening scene And now we reach a period … Continue reading

by another name

The summerlands at Autumn Time Might be the place for me Entering another phase I would, absolutely Realise the finality Of being but not seeing Shedding tears Increasing fears And honestly not being Able ever to see your face To … Continue reading


The inner child The inner mind The positive All underlined Skin the colour of the Eyes we see Blue and green The mentality Of The avatar Is what springs to mind A sixth sense That Some people find A cerebration … Continue reading


We really have to ask ourselves Why we allow abuse Of animals like the kangaroo There is no real excuse They are wild and they are iconic To Australia and they Have been and won their totemic status and respect … Continue reading

Iceland 140 and Iceland 3 more babies torn from their mother

With the sun coming out And yonder the sea Slate grey on this day Where the whale once so free Swam across oceans and ended up here In Icelandic waters where Clearly the fear Is manifest everywhere Endangered whales Are … Continue reading