The predicament is growing

The “Farley Mowat” crew
One Oona Layolle
A captain on manoevres
Trying to
Avert the gaze of artisanal fishermen
Who are laying gillnets
Illegally, they do

Believe their livelihoods
Are being ruined
But its all tied in with
The Totoaba fish that appears
Is only found in the Gulf
Of California
And Its swim bladder is highly prized
The tears

Are about the endangered Vaquita
A porpoise being caught
In these nets and thrown away
Fish Maw soup supposed to
Improve fertility
And for this the chinese
Are prepared to pay

20,000 dollars a kilo presently
The fishermen are in it now and they
Will do anything
illegal or not
For Gillnet fishing laid at night
Apparently does pay

When cornered they dont care about
The Vaquita
They care about their livelihoods
for they
Are, supposedly starving
and this is why they are doing this
Its a trial of strength
That is worsening by the day

Oona appears to have
Encouraged the Mexican Navy
To get involved and to help
The Vaquita’s case
There may now only be about 40 of
Them left
Its something that the world at large
Must face

Interestingly enough before the Totoaba
The Yellow Croaker was a fish in use
Its actually sold on Amazon at a fraction
Of the cost
Corvina fish maw collagen
“Huan Hua Jiao” abuse

So now what is happening apparently
Its similar to the tiger bone affair
Someone muscles in And what we see
Lion bones from South africa turns out to be a substitute
The Totoaba in a nutshell seems to be

A similar situation its much bigger
When dried the size of a laptop
And therefore
More profit than the croaker
And that appears the problem
The Vaquita is the victim
Here for sure

Gillnets produce by-catch
Every which way
White sharks’ rays and many victims
They are quietly thrown away
But really there is no need to catch
When the croaker is available
En masse

Vietnam sends tons and tons to S.Korea
So why risk the Vaquita anyway
To me the Chinese market is apparently
Conned easily
And illegality appears in play

It must be with the connivance
of the Chinese
Otherwise a loss of face
would be
But this is causing a diplomatic incident
And putting the crew at risk
it seems to me

It really is a tricky situation
Cutting gillnets
even, with the navy there
Theres clearly double dealing here
Its an impasse if you ask me
And its clear

The Vaquita and the by-catch
A dilemma
Caught up in what is another con
Its intractable behaviour
Perplexing and obscure
Difficult to countenance
And tragically may lure

Even more adversity for Oona
Retrieving nets is dangerous
One can say
Mafia money is clearly in the offing
And Sea Shepherd could be
Kind of in the way.

Dropping gillnets that kill bycatch
in the process
And the vaquita
is an endangered porpoise that
Is being killed
and its body just disposed of
And thats whats brought sea shepherd
To where they are at

Ignorance and arrogance could be the cause

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