Steve Irwin and the red ape mother

The late Steve Irwin was driven
His confidence to see
And be a true blue earthling
Respect and ofcourse a guiltlessness
An irreproachability

The mother sought compassion
She felt his tender heart
Which Clearly moved him you could hear him
Wavering from the start

But you see the wild one’s
Have it
They have all been through so much
They have given and have striven
But they want to stay in touch

They emanate appreciation
She was dignified as she
Was affable to see him with her
Just there on her tree

Not a speck of arrogance
We saw intimacy
We surely felt the closeness
It was where she wanted to be

And Steve clearly enchanted
Its endearing to see
Its why the world is a sadder place
That the ray unfortunately

Ended what was an incarnation
Of spirit and great care
Unique, he was an angel
With a great big heart to share

He was totally undeflected
Above-board all the way
And that red ape mother sensed it
And they both enjoyed their day

Orangutans know suffering
They are humble with their thought
DR Birute is another
Both Steve and the Dr fought

A battle as true earthlings
To try and right each wrong
And I hold both in high standing
For in essence they belong

Up there with the angels
And the great red apes agree
They understand devotion
Its a notion that they see

Principled and honourable
And moral to a tee
Watching Steve with the mother ape
It really got to me.

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