MEAT TRADE or murder trade

Dont talk To me you idiots
When I speak of vegan food
How you have lived to a 106
And still remain so shrewd
Up in brain and savvy
So what is my excuse
Living on bloody rabbit food
And all that green wheat juice

Well let me tell you clearly
The meat trade long ago
was terrible then
But compared to now
Was not in the same show
What with antibiotics
And growth hormones And the rest
The mercury the GMO’s
All of them did invest

They keep the poor old animals
Locked up all the day
Fed Just on whatever
That how they make it pay
Then its anti biotics
The same drugs they give you
Combined with every type of hormone
That You are clueless too

Lots of souls are dying
All over the world
Those that are eating farm bred meat
And fish where we have hurled
Hundreds of pounds of chemicals
To stay their vile disease
And also to make them grow a bit
But it brings you to your knees

80 per cent of turkey
70 per cent of pork
50 per cent of cattle meat
40 per cent cant walk
Thats the poor old chickens all designed to grow
Faster than their legs can carry them
So now you lot know

You can thank the meat trade
The murder trade for they
Dont only murder the animals
But perhaps you too
One day

It was basically done for money
Trying to compete
With the corporatocracy
Who more a less ran the street
The great big super markets
Who really called the shots
Most of them were run by
just forget you knots

Who didnt have a wealth of brain
In their inflated heads
But believed their bloody bankster friends
And were fearful of the FEDS
Thats what brought the planet to its knees
Yes just these few
Butchers no not Bakers nor candle makers

Decided to go vegan, their saviour
We can say
Who didnt have infections and wern’t eating meat
Each day
So no to antibiotics
And infections they
Carried on with their rabbit food
And so enjoyed their day.

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