Live exports through the EU

Its intolerable
Its insufferable
Its more than flesh and blood
Can stand
All these live exports
Really theres a flood

Of interest and of money to be made
Of course thats true
The muslims want live animals fresh meat
Halal they do

The EU wants the live trade
It balances their books
All the veg and fruit imports
The meat trade business looks
Good, well you can say that
The bloody heartless do
The bureaucrats with little
Care, who are cluless too

The suffering of the animals
For them they are going to die
Why carry them in cotton wool
They really dont apply
Sense or any seriousness
To safeguarding these souls
And many suffer lamentably
From the really poor controls

Shipping true live animals in trailers
Isnt good
Roll on roll off ferries
Tightly crammed they should
Be allowed to sit down
But many of them fry
Standing in their urine
And their excrement
Thats why

Its totally unbelievable
That farmers and the trade
Cannot think beyond their noses
And try to give them aid
Its fearful and its painful
Injurious as well
Each one becomes a martyr
In the shipping term for hell

Shipping into Turkey
And all through the EU
In boxes more like ovens
The smell like cooking stew
While bureaucrats and men in shirts
Fart about all day
Pushing bits of paper
And enjoying the delay

Their water troughs are often dry
Or all filled up with straw
Or shit or piss or god knows what
It is against the law
But there’s no one there to police it
And inevitably the cows
Suffer in the summer heat
And have to for many hours

The trailers going no where fast
Are left to swelter on
And no shade there to speak of
Its a wonder some arnt gone
Fried in their own urine
And despite it all we know
The trade is getting bigger
And it will grow and grow

Its one great vast conveyor belt
Of bodies moving on
Suffering and fretting aloud
Those now left upon
What is likened to a pressure cooker
Its torture all the way
Fear and awful suffering
Which infact can be all day

And being mindful of economy
A wretchedness below
Penny-pinching tightfistedness
And some dont want to know
They seem to be obtuse about it
Such inperturbability
Insensitive as arseholes
Thats if you ask me

Content to count the money
Most dont want to hear
The baying and the crying and the choking
In their ear
There is no regret and no relief
Its profit all the way
And despite the angels at the docks
The cops have lots to say

When we exit this shit hole
And become an independent place
Perhaps we can say to the bloody EU
Not part of the human race
We are stopping this transportion
Each shipment we lose face
The blubbering and the whimpering
If you look into their eyes
See them gasping for just some air
We have to realise

These are real live beings
With hearts with minds they feel
Unlike the bloody shippers
Who verily reveal
A heartless mean composure
A demeanour of the low
Despite the ululation
No one wants to know

They are angels there in Ramsgate
Trying to make those hear
But trucks are coming daily
Great mobile camps of fear
The boys and girls are shouting
Trying to stop this trade
But the fluorescent coated coppers
Really fail to aid

Frustration builds and hearts a’ flutter
Every single day
We know the bloody cruelty
Its obvious okay
We are catering for the meat trade
For the carnivores who will
Slaughter these poor animals
Yes ofcourse will kill

Slit their throats no stunning
Thats the way to go
A fearsome awful journey
That ends up with a blow
A knife across the windpipe
Throttled so to say
Drowning in your leaking blood
The means was not the way

But the coppers seemingly dont care
The shippers they get paid
The truckers are hardly vegan
When everything is weighed
the farmers left them
On these trailers wiped their hands
And said farewell
Knowing at the end of it
It was going to be pure hell

But they were paid and thats was that
Out of sight now out of mind
Wnatever happened from now on
The world at large is blind
Closed ears to the screaming
Nobody wants to care
About the cattle knee high in shit
But the animals are aware

They know and feel let down by us
Each shipment it gets worse
To be an animal these days
They must think its a curse
They know some of the warriors
Are out there night and day
An army of the animal rights
Fighters who do pay

Attention to their plight
Their serious states of mind they do
Some offer water at the port
Feelings there ring true
But the rest they make it very clear
Its a business And it must
Continue always increasing
Despite the levels of disgust

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