If only pigs could fly

The extent of basic care
For pigs is evident today
Farmers and when transporting them
The venality in play
Is criminal its wicked
The immorality
Its so unforgivable
For me degeneracy

Pigs use passive diffusion
They thermoregulate
Designed to live near water
And mud that is the state
Of cooling down in water
No eccrine sweat glands
Have glands excreting protein
And ammonia but they pay
A high price from our ignorance
Complicit in their pain
Such a lack of understanding
Drives a pig insane

Live shipments or hauling pigs
To the slaughterhouse means they
Are threatened with life forces
That will not go away
Confined in sweaty vehicles
And made to stand there they
Are being tortured horribly
In the most destructive way

Its our superiority
Where we see lack of respect
Irreverence and mockery
And the darkness of neglect
Total humiliation
Of a being Made to pay
was never designed to Be treated
In such a nasty way

And that warriors at demonstrations
Have been charged under the law
For sharing water with the pigs
Suffering and sore
The disrespect of caring
The humbleness some show
And are tossed aside
Like criminals
When the criminals we know

Are the meat trade
And the farmers
Ignorant and cruel
That do not know what honour is
Its their law that does rule
Profit and the making of it
At the expense of those
Who are cooking from the inside out
And the brutality it shows.

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