The sixty third fin whale
By Iceland yes cut up today
Its going to Japan
To those miserable people
Hard hearted more so each day

And iceland is prepared
To wager
Its popularity for
Profit from Japan
Where cruelty began
Where they turn whales and dolphins
To gore

A country of zen
And cute gardens
Where its people
Are kept in the dark
Guilty of game shows as sick as can be
Certainly Japan makes its mark

As to Iceland a sickness
Is clearly in tow
The killing they do for Japan
Its only the tourists enagaging
In eating
Fin whales
For them theres a ban

So tourists from here there and everywhere
Frequent the restaurants who sell
Great strips of blubber and whale meat
The foods served that does come from hell

ICeland and the whalers are clearly
Dead from the neck up for sure
Arrogant millionaire idiots
Who converts sweet creation to gore
To sinew and blood by the sea load
The beautiful whales of the sea
ICeland is a sickening insult
And its whale killing does disgust me

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