Iceland 90 and 91 and 92 and 9

Three more whales have perished
Lost it, yes today
And ofcourse rhe baby
Who they tore away
Deviousness and crookedness
Corruption all the way
Injustice and artfulness
And for this
The great whales pay

Utter criminality
This Icelandic rogue
All these broken promises
As the whales they disembogue
All the guts and intestines
Stomach and the stink
Do rotten and si treasonous
We are on the brink

Everyday another and another
And today
Three bold souls have lost their lives
To existance and they pay
A high price their chicanery
Underhand and wrong
Totally infamous conduct
They just do not belong

Anywhere near these angels
These innocents
Their glow
Their unfallen state
Foreever great
As most good people know
These icelandic whalers
Are culpable as sin
Shamefaced blushing convicts
Whose right place is the bin

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