They died for nothing

When your mother is raped
When she’s put in a rack
A sexual attack
She will never forget
Thats when you know
Your future is bleak
And as slowly you grow

She will give you her all
Until the day
You are born
And the farmer takes you away
Kidnaps you, fsexes you
Your future lies
In your sex are you female
What a surprise

You are male
Dearie me
You don’t have much worth
Rape racks won’t provide
A means to a birth
So what chance for you
Throw you onto a truck
Take you off to a trench
Where you realise luck

Is sadly not with you
The milk made for you
Will be sold off to humans
Who don’t have a clue
Of if they do have a clue
They don’t give a toss
Its called economics
And you are a loss

You represente nothingness
You are being erased
Thats your salvation
You are an unanimal
A fictitious soul
Defunct dead and obsolete
You have no role

The Dairy Industry
Wants all the cream
Females are drugged up
So increasing their stream
The udders make profit
And Monsatan sees
Recombitant bovine growth hormone
Each squeeze

So all the poor mothers
Are giving their all
Drugged up to the eyeballs
Their life does appal
The angels the goddess
Creators but they
Have really no say
At what happens today

So the male calves
Pure babies
Innocent souls
Are thrown in a heap
Nobody’s goals
Lost to the world
Innocence they
On the wrong side of profit
So the farmers say

They look up
Doleful eyes
Pleading to live
Bang you are dead mate
What can you give
Me just more problems
Its easy this way
And all the milk mother makes
Is hours every day

We pull the trigger
And you are away
Kicking a bit
But the farmer wont pay
The milk drinking humans
They pay in the end
With their clogged up arteries
Which others defend

BIG PHARMA earns lots
Drugs for the boys
For the animals too
But the calves
Feel the joys
Of the sun on their backs
For this limited time
Whilst their dumped off a truck
And the bard writes a rhyme

Then all is forgotten
As the ice cream is scoffed
And the cheese and biscuits
and the milk shakes are
Ice cold on the cornflakes
And your rich latte
Has cost millions of lives
At the end of the day

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