Murdering badgers on the basis of lies

The mirage of deceptiveness
Spreads across our land
And clearly makes a mockery
That some cant understand
The hunter and the hounds
Who now illegally still ply
The countryside spread the TB
As some wild foxes die

There is a law protecting them
But huntsmen have no care
Tradition rules the countryside
And thus whats seen as fair
Despite widespread deception
And artfulness beyond
The rule of law
The blood and gore
That So many still defend

The Badger cull
Or murdering spree
Conducted by those who
Report to Gove and the government
As these so called shooters do
They have listened to the farmers
Who listen to no one
Who only care for the cattle
Whilst there is milking to be done

All the cows they are saving will
Be slaughtered one by one
Few are fed on grass and eat wild plants
Like once they had done
Now its god know what they eat
And BIG PHARMA at the door
Antibiotics administered
Like they never were before

And Brock he gets the blame
For all this husbandry gone wrong
A wild created mammal that is both wild and strong
BROCK and BRUIN powerful souls
Who are not guilty at all
But of course despite the murdering
The figures didnt fall

Hunters cause these problems
Hounds running about
Horses yes it all was banned
But there is little doubt
One for the badgers
Another for those who
Break the law is that what its for?
And kill foxes as they do

Farmers would be well to care
Let cows feed on green grass
Let them feel the sunshine on their backs
A life of class
Not tucked away on concrete
And dosed up to the eyes
Killing badgers our voiceless friends
On a bunch of lies

Its just swindling skulduggery
A make believe veneer
Perhaps the shaving brush makers
Have got into their ear
Badger hair makes shaving fast
So the barbers say
But why do we listen to so much crap
That the farming people say

Worries me intently
For badgers have been around
Longer than these farmers
Covering the same ground
But where is their veracity
Their compassion and the need
To preserve all our wild animals
And wish them to succeed

They have their place in creation
They are miracles each one
As important as the hunter
When the day is done
As important as the MP’s
Who talk a lot and say
Very little of any import
At the back end of each day

Stop this blundering murder
The science isnt there
All we see are bodies
That bring me to despair
Families wiped out
And what for
On a blooming lie
FArmers are part and parcel
Of the same trade

And I ask why

We believe them
And wipe out our wild animals

And then allow these cows to be milked to death
And killed for leather and cow beef

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