Imperceptiveness personified

Running the bulls
A pastime in Spain
With a child on ones shoulder
The obtuseness insane
The senselessness nature
Of what might occur
If the bull really charges
And the two of them were

Broken and bleeding
A father and child
Who took on a raging bull
Who’d been defiled
Clearly oblivious senseless and lost
Callous and cold at what could be the cost
Total abuse of a child
He should be
Found and imprisoned
His category

Wretched and cringeworthy
Heinous and wrong
A deplorable act
That could only belong
In a shocking and disgusting
Reprehensible place
Like Spain as we see
An utter disgrace

A child so abused
Should be taken away
From a father like him
Its not reason at play
Its groundless behaviour
Its illogical crap
Its true oafishness
Folly on tap

A kind of lunacy
An unsound mind
A screw loose for certain
He should be lined
Up against a wall somewhere
And shot at dawn
One of the species
Who should have never
Been born.

Where was the mother
Beside herself she
If she ever witnessed this
He does need attention
A quiet prison cell
Where he can be taken
In his own hell
And believe that the
Bull he was teasing all day
Used true compassion
And turned away

Tanked up on sangria
How do I know
But a blundering twerp
Let his arrogance show
He has no love for his child
Not a spirit of care
He took on the bull
Raising so much despair

And now its on facebook
His perfidiousness
His betrayal of care
There is nothing less
One can do for ones child
Than risk life and limb
And in fact do it all
Just on a whim

Portugal Spain Mexico France stop bull fighting stop bull abuse
Stop running the bulls just stop animal abuse

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