From the Western Zhou dynasty

what ever you want we stock it
These vast platforms are there
Working in the shadows on the world wide web
They share
Every conceivable product
From the most evil to the most good
Like alibaba and zhuan zhuan
And Amazon who would
No doubt working globally
Source anything at all
From whole snake wine
To tiger cake
All you do is call

They sell by a factoring process
The stock is theirs but they
Order it from someone else
And its all then underway.
Control so many parcels
This is what happened here
A women bought a banded krait
And when it did appear
It bit her and it killed her
She was going to make some wine
She thought she could save money
Somewhere down the line

She’d bought herself some rice wine
Shejiu, was the intent
But instead the krait just killed her
Karma quickly sent
Her packing she was lacking
If Common sense had prevailed
She could have bought
it off the shelf
And her Problems be curtailed
Instead a proper cheap skate
And we now know why
She isnt around to tell us
For sadly she did die

Corporates have taken over
Trading globally
No restrictions clearly
False labelling probably
Unmanifested cargo
And cleared out of control
And well this is what happens
The world has lost a soul

A krait that would bave rather
Stayed back in GUANDong
Shipped out in a parcel
We all know that is wrong
And clearly no one checked it
And the snake clearly was mad
And bit the poor young lady
And rapidly left her pad

An expensive bottle of snake wine
Expensive for the snake
How many days inside a box
Fear for its own sake
And then the women lost her life
A price too high by far
A lesson for all platform sales
Be careful who you are
And what you buy think carefully
Judgement Is wrong here
The Chinese traditional medicines
Not all of them bring cheer

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