Bullet ridden

Sri Lanka boasts a paradise
But for one noble beast
The distinction of the pachyderm
Is noble if not least
Clearly a splendid ancestry
Where gentility did reign
A truly high caste bloodstock
With everything to gain

Found in Uva Province
In Hambegamuwa
Unspoilt forest and lovely lakes
In many way a star
This unprotesting unassuming
Creature seemed forlorn
Clearly used as target practice
Riddled and sadly torn

Blinded in a moment
A humbleness endowed
Must have been in agony
As the bullets showered
The shamelessness behind the guns
The arrogance of man
Such hostility of reason
Why ? just because they can

Show the world their loathing
Their repugnance for a soul
Who wanders freely in the bush
Under no mans control
Is that their spent abhorrence
And why they felt inclined
To antagonize and torture
Anything they find

A smouldering resentment
For a noble fellow who
Isnt provoked in any way
Despite his pain he holds true
Their viciousness and rancour
Their abuse of one so fine
Leaving him to fester
What a dreadful sign

Of evil hearted humans
With no remorse at all
Who lack all understanding
And cannot hope to call
On any sort of decency
For their heartlessness is clear
This poor old soul must wander on
And face more of the fear

Rescued and sent off to
HOrowpathana a dretention centre there
For a lengthy bout of TLC
Some good will and some care
Some love some really good green food
Some empathy and where
Some healing needs to be carried out
And some love they need to share

Nobility is one thing
But agony and pain
And being left alone each day
Its one enormous strain
On any heart on any soul
And blinded too, its dreams
Broken on that fated day
Which encouraged inner screams

They are often felt by the lonely
By the broken and the pain
Limping around the forest
It is hard to stay sane
But seeing some generosity
Some gentleness as well
Coming into a heavenly place
After such a time in Hell

Whoever committed this evil
The callousness and the grief
The ferocity and barbarity
It is beyond belief
How do they breathe the shared air
With their viperous nasty mind
One hopes the thunder and karmic debt
Will search out and will find

Them in a parlous avenue
Broken and feeling low
Reminding them of their vile abuse
And waiting while they grow
Sicker from the memory
The scoundrels that they be
Unmoved dry eyed and sadistic
For all eternity.

2 comments on “Bullet ridden

  1. Harald Geiger on said:

    a great poem of Mr Rex Tyler, full of compassion and deep feelings.

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