A wild girl in sweden

Night frightens its the darkness
Its not knowing
Its a fear
But nothing changes really
We lose the light
Its clear

Its in the mind as children
We wander to and fro
But in the forest
we have been taught
Its not the place to go

But you are there
The lake the trees
Your temporary home
And you have your shelves
your kettle your axe
Really you can please

Yourself your thermal blanket
Your hand warmers so you
Can snuggle down and dream a while
It is what you do

The birchez silver fingers
The lake mirrored in cloud
You have a sense of being
I am sure you are feeling wowed
By the secrets you are discovering
In your survival mode
Your fire your cooking your valour
And so my little ode

Comes as a surprise no doubt
from a poet far away
Who sees the night and all its secrets
Its just like any day
The night eyes will watch over you
For the wonderment is there
The complete fascination
Of the open air

The amazement and the bewilderment
The sensation of it all
The awe inspiring enigmatic
Reason why they call
The wild ones they will watch over you
And protect you night and day
Clearly you are charitable
To nature anyway.

Anytime you want a poem

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