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Why is it coastal waters And mountainous inclines Sandy beaches rolling tides Really all these signs Of natures gifts of beauty Of wonderful clean air Of harmony of being That its people all can share Are given to the killing … Continue reading

The Faroes still at it

135 long finned pilot whales 1 white sided dolphin 38 long finned pilot whales Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Slaying and destruction Vivisection They The butchers of the Faroe islands Abort in every way Life forms Gentle angels A death blow every hour A … Continue reading

Processsing of Kangaroo

We come back once again To how we process Wild kangaroos the purpose Was so we Can incorporate the kanga’s Into the pet food trade To extend the shelf life And profitability This is done with adding Sulphur dioxide Masking … Continue reading

A wild girl in sweden

Night frightens its the darkness Its not knowing Its a fear But nothing changes really We lose the light Its clear Its in the mind as children We wander to and fro But in the forest we have been taught … Continue reading


Tyrannical egg snatchers Audacious fulmar netters Aggressive Pilot whalers This is what you are Murderers of wild life Farmed salmon although plentiful Starving dont tell porkies You are no ones star You are loaded full of mercury And flame retardents … Continue reading


They often fire back salvo’s At me about the way I cover their whale hunting But really I have to say These medieval customs Are past their sell by date Their wrongness and their queerness And their oddness I dont … Continue reading

save our KANGAROOS

Kangaroo is apparently on the table Or should I say its also on the floor In bowls And pouches they Play about with Treats and bones And more And really what its all about Is what some now ignore Its … Continue reading


Tiger tiger fast disappearing As a big cat you were so endearing But sadly a sickness and a malaise Overtook the human phase They seemed to feel a tonic made From your sweet bones A stock in trade Could when … Continue reading

Corporation coles where are your souls

The iconic ones Your judgement stuns To stoop down to this low A place in whats called retail Where no one needs to go The Kangaroo has leapt into Our hearts for so many years Depicted on great rock art … Continue reading


Half way between the summer solstice And the Autumn equinox The sun and moon together In the sky This is a magickal time folks The, annual wheat harvest Loaf mass and ofcourse we must ask why The first loaf made … Continue reading

What are we doing to our planet?

The Salish Sea Where ere that be Southern Resident Orca’s they Live there perfect surroundings No But man is clever so they say Morality do we embrace Whats right and whats wrong All over the place Unchallengable and justified Well … Continue reading


Wasps are amazing sculptors And they do it with their tongue They lick wooden fences and Attic wood among Others things converting it With their saliva they Create a kind of structured nest And really thats their way Existing with … Continue reading

Human intervention

Wilderness in oceans Are fast becoming rare Human intervention Ofcourse is everywhere There really isnt anything thats Measured Sadly we Over fish over pollute Humans apparently Are any thing but innocuous They show little restraint Everything is to excess Everywhere … Continue reading

Killing a whale 61 and 62

Daggers drawn A smouldering rage An angel rises off the page Its painful feelings The last straw As the cannon harpoon hits its core Great wrathfulness A tantrum torn Tears of rage Before the storm Piqued and gailed Offended by … Continue reading

Kristjan Loftsson 59 and 60

Pre-occupied with killing An addiction so to say Wrapped up in its being Obsessed in every way Really tunnel vision And illogicality Unrigorous and muddled With a dose of lunacy A multiple personality An inferiority A clinical depressive Away from … Continue reading

Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors Of the land More of them are being killed Is it hard to understand They are the heartfelt warriors Their morality they share Often abused and maltreated And martyred everywhere Anguished and ansgt ridden Victimized they be … Continue reading

ZIMBABWE not the best place to be born

There has always been a lack of understanding A kind of godlessness And lack of care Elephants in Zimbabwe find themselves Sold off abroad Actually it could be anywhere One really lovely soul Known as Anna Louise Went off to … Continue reading

From the Western Zhou dynasty

what ever you want we stock it These vast platforms are there Working in the shadows on the world wide web They share Every conceivable product From the most evil to the most good Like alibaba and zhuan zhuan And … Continue reading

The faroes and their medieval customs

Thors harbour thats the capital Of the Faroes A craggy set of islands Where there be 50,000 people throwbacks From the norse days Butchers of the beaches Tragically A medieval bloodlust An affliction No benediction hear I have to say … Continue reading

Wild life trafficking from the EU

Traditional Chinese Medicine From historicity Some might say its justifiable But the illegality Surfaces in this day and age For there are wiser choices now Medicine has moved on a lot We must therefore ask how Morality of right and … Continue reading

Born to suffer

Expectancy was one thing Joyfulness another Essentiality was to be The order of each day My mother clearly loved me In her very special way By insemination Artificially Raped by some old farmers arm Who was no visionary Just a … Continue reading


Happy birthday Sarah One really has to say To the loveliest octogenarian On this lovely summers day Its almost tropical weather Out there brilliant light How are you coping anyway I hope everythings alright I hear you are off to … Continue reading

Otherworld prophecies 57 and 58

Iceland dips into the Occult, I am thinking She makes her decision To hunt the great whale Those now endangered fin And the hybrid The blue and the minke Comes the following tale Its surfacing out there Such beautiful creatures … Continue reading

A summery picnic

AShridge bathed in sunlight An old oak decked in green Subtle hues conflicted views The most magickal of scene On the grass Was laid a sheet Our chairs And an array Of salad dips and olives And what was a … Continue reading

Lady Gaga in Bulgaria

Materialism personified Irreverent and wrong To wallow in the death of others Perverted all along Self-centred and uncaring Acquisitive denial Fifty beautiful badgers Someone did defile A lily livered trapper A sinful dark display A transgression of the boudaries Apparently … Continue reading

Bullet ridden

Sri Lanka boasts a paradise But for one noble beast The distinction of the pachyderm Is noble if not least Clearly a splendid ancestry Where gentility did reign A truly high caste bloodstock With everything to gain Found in Uva … Continue reading

Tongue tied

Tongues are very sensitive And horses think so too So tying them under the chin Is not the thing to do Its all about control Riders like to interfere But clearly its an invasion Of ones freedom And that is … Continue reading

“Crimson tide”( swamped and losing consciousness)

Drifing all alone In a row boat old and leaking On an ocean current The wrath of ancients near The wild wind brewing suddenly To search into my crevices Inspiring me to thoughtfulness And certainly to hear Landfall could be … Continue reading


They seem to believe they can vindicate Their murdering intent Kidnapping a baby calf, a child Creation sent Carried by a mother for nine long months Where she Struggled and worked her butt off Hopeful she would see Her baby … Continue reading

Laying traps for badgers

An ancestral home Where wonderment And countryside expertise Generates a home of homes Where brocks can carefully ease Their bodies Through dug tunnels In sandy soil or clay On slopes or hillsides Close to woodland To find some peace and … Continue reading