Tinker lane today

This morning bright and early
Two ladies are locked on
In front of the I gas gates
In their fancy mouton
Sheepishly and peacefully
With their nativity
Of little furry animals
Around we all can see

When Ian did his morning show
No coppers On the scene
Clearly they didnt expect this
After what had been
A most embarrassing day for them
With the unsullied display
Of lock ons and of surfing
That happened yesterday

And so the ladies lying there
And a local truck appeared
Carrying two portable loo’s
And it seems he feared
He would lose his payment
What he should have thought
Was he shouldn’t have even been there
He should maintain support

Not sell his soul to the devils
For that is who they are
So he had to go away
Being not on their radar
Lets hope the loo’s are full up
Inside the site today
And if it is annoying
Good is what we say

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