The sickness of the so called fashionable

Clearly a crisis of conscience
Exists in this big world today
For me incredulity
Derision and mockery
A sickness exists

In Mexico so called designers
Clearly their awareness no more
Believe it is right to use
And go against natural law

Clearly an incomprehension
Unenlightened and ignorant fools
Unfamiliar with life and its meaning
Uncivilized troll like ghouls

For me it is unchartered waters
Abusing live beetles like this
Clearly in the dark
And out of the park
And probably taking the piss

The emperors new clothes
Were one thing
But this cruelty seems to me
Adapting live beetles
With gold leaf and jewels
Is a sickness aNd they need to see

The height and extent of absurdity
Its senseless a ludicrous craze
A lack of intelligence
Born out of drugs
An obtuseness and incompetent

For women to buy into this evil
For me shows a true unsound mind
I have heard of the scarab beetles
That egyptians wore
And they entwined
The reason for some supernatural
some magic available to
The wearer the warrior in time gone by
But now living brooches won’t do

Zopherus beetles from Mexico
Fixed to a pin
On a dress
To me it is lunacy
Cranky and queer
These congenital idiots
Need to get out of here

Go faraway to some madhouse
Clearly you are cracked
And as for the despair
Of the mexican beetles
Stuck on some skirt
With a bloody great pin
Which is going to hurt

These beetles costing some 500dollars
Need to be kept in a vivarium when not being worn
And no doubt fed and watered.

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