The orangutans last stand

This was our arena
Our rainforest our place
Every single tree we knew
And we have felt the pace
Quickening once silence ruled
And now all that we hear
Is crashing logging and razing to the ground
Those trees most dear

You have made it
A battleground
A theatre of war
Palm oil was your reasoning
The combat zone and more
The front line disputed territory
Converting life to death
Begrudging us of freedom
Fighting for our breath

Moving on and crying
Was for us a fruitless task
The adversity of circumstance
We could only ask
Why the continual struggle
The ups and downs of life
Why we face this wretchedness
Doom and gloom and strife

The birdsong and the other music
That has filled the air
Is now replaced by JCB’s
Power saws and despair
We arborial apes
Need trees
Like most of you need air
What you are doing
Is causing us terrible despair

Its hostile and its ominous
To watch tree and after tree
Clatter to the forest floor
To Feel the misery
This wondrous forest habitat
Is screaming we can hear
The heavens opening every day
The opposed all struck with fear

The sinister arm extended
I be on one end
The last stand yes perhaps it is
But I am still your friend
A red ape of the forest
Who makes no attempt to harm
Any of you and never has
Which is why I extend my arm

In peace for theres no reason
To continue in this way
You killed my wife and babies
Just the other day
This beautiful green jungle
With so much promise, why?
Do you cut your nose to spite your face
Probably on a lie

This show of force so dramatic
Gunboat diplomacy
Bludgeoning subjugation
Your brand of tyranny
Intolerant and censorious
Compulsive through and through
Clamping down on creation
Thats what you want to do

We are people of the forest
That soon will be no more
And its just so you can take advantage
And start your unholy war
Destroying all the forest
The lives of animals who
Have lived here many centuries
Doing what they do

You disobay your creator
His miracles your loss
You defy the angels presence
The sweetness here you toss
Its all about strong arm tactics
Compelling us to go
We have become inferior
Not part of your show

You dominate and oppress us
We are brought to our knees
Treated like dirt and it does hurt
And tearing down the trees
That are our means of travelling
We are arborial souls
Proudly fighting your mechanization
Heroes but never trolls

Our loss and our bereavement
Disposessed today
Engrossed in taking back whats ours
We know we have to pay
You plunder loot and pillage
Your banditry we see
That missappropriation
Down to your spivery

And its all done for the banksters
White collars little sense
Shuffling bits of paper
Departments of the dense
Such wealth was in these forests
You privileged to share
But all you ever wanted to do
Was destroy causing despair

Richly endowed with ignorance
In your treasuries of pain
The moneyed class
Each one an arse
Only after gain
Glittering with arrogance
Hated all the while
Wallowing in riches
With very little style

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