Taiji and the murdering and slavery

Their perceptivity and awareness
Their telepathy and thought
Compared to the Taiji fishermen
And whatever they purport
To imagine in their psyche
Compared to the dolphins they
Are unconscious obtuse morons
Who dont know the time of day

These murdering scum set out to
Use their banging boats to try
And freak out the sensitive angels
Which is clearly why
Their loyalty and courage
Will not allow them to
Leave a injured baby
And the japanese so true

To their insentient behaviour
Well they just bang away
Frighten and expose the dolphins
Abuse them and they stay
Around to save each other
Premediated kills
Some sort of sexual sorbet
That probably fulfils

Their sensual excitation
As they then just hack away
Sort them into pretty ones
And those to be killed
All pay
A terrible price for being
In the vicinity
Of Taiji port of slaughter
In the ever reddening sea

The dolphins have a reasoning power
Their consciousness is high
Unlike the mindless fisherman
Who dont have a clue why
Some of us are shocked
By what we see and what we feel
Cove guardians and others
Who know all this is real

They argue in a circle
Threaten guardians who
Live stream to the world at large
We all know what they do
Their logic chopping claptrap
Backed up by all they do
Their warped and jaundiced vision
Fixated thats my view

Slavery and captivity
For the pretty ones who they
Will sell off to the ignorant
Close or far away
The others are all slaughtered
In a tortured ghastly way
Which sees them scream and shudder
And bleed out and display

Terror, its an unsound mind
That creates this phobic end
The obliteration of a family tree
And such evil they defend
The sea runs red despite the
Corking of the wound they make
The suffering the vindictiveness
Really for the sake

Of ensuring that the victims
Suffer terribly
And guardians Observing
The gross morbidity
The harmfulness the hurtfulness
The mangling of soul
Its shameful and its scandalous
How they exert control

Inspired by Peter Baldwins video
And Ross Bugdens music

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