when Chipperfield decided that an open park
For animals like at Longleat
Where Animals had no say
As usual as an elephant
My breathing is unlike
Humans no pleural cavity
And thus getting a spike

Of pollution can affect us badly
310 litres of air
We breathe every minute
And are people aware
The cars come in their hundreds
And Our olfactory receptor genes
Are twice as strong as canines
Polluting machines

And they travel very slowly
The exhaust it smells a lot
When the sun is out I love to be
Outside and face the grot
For me its so uncomfortable
And that formaldehyde
Is really very stressful
Why is this denied

We are very vulnerable
To the toxic stew thats there
It leads to infectivity
And dollops of despair
Its clearly very unhealthy
Longleat is no place
For elephants to call their home
Thats the big disgrace

The stench is overwhelming
It taints my very soul
She channelled this to me last night
She said she cant control
Her breathing sometimes
And ofcourse
Longleat wants to see
More and more cars
And that obviously

Is not considering animals
In the finest light
Stop and go stop and go
How can this be right
The vets who do these inspections
Must think again for we
Would rather be in France
Than in this shit hole actually

So many gawping zombies
Their choking engines whirr
Clean air keeps us healthy
But when it does occur
Its smutty the particulates
Really are obscene
And it is to my detriment
Really to have been

Subjected to this environment
The unsoundness and decay
It does affect my chest and breathing
Every single day
A sanctuary far far from cars
Really does make sense
Why subject me to this hurtfulness
That leaves me feeling tense

Its malodorous and noisome
And on a sunny day
Is anything but lovely
For me its not a way
Forward I need clean air
And others around me
Not chugging polluting vehicles
So Really thats my plea

It has been hard to explain myself
But luckily for me
I have found a channel open
And rex apparently
Can feel the base vibration
And turn them into prose
I just hope that you listen
For this particular stress
It grows.

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