60 seconds via Peta

The evidence is there
Before the world our eyes
can see
The obtuseness and the coarseness
And the vulgarity
Warped and twisted mindsets
Unsound minds now be
Under a delusion
That this is not real cruelty

One must question the nations
So many unsound minds
The courage of the Bulls
That fight
We see all the signs
The untruthfulness the mendacity
The fabrication here
The dupery the sharp practices
Creating total fear

What is the obliteration
Of a warrior that be
Panting, bleeding out
In utter agony
A baying crowd of imbeciles
Unwilling to be
Loath and indisposed to feel
Its heartache and to see
The affliction and the misery
That is just there on show
Abandonment of thoughtfulness
blood pumping as we know

So hurtful and injurious
Waging total war
Its nauseating and obscene
It just breaks every law
Creating ugly lesions
Ravaging its core
Its eyes each bloody stare it makes
Begging for release
From the crippling disablement
Just wanting it to cease

So much collateral damage
Blood now everywhere
And not a sign of sanity
No one there aware
Humanity left too long ago
An audience of trolls
The savagery of arrogance
Each sporting shit for souls

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