FIve G and beyond

Joe Imbriano the Fullerton Informer
He tells us as it is and what to do
Living with this weapons grade technology
5th generation wireless which is true
Its at radar range and an ever increasing roll out
The electro magnetic spectrum everywhere
Ramped up and invasive you better realise
A broadband streaming system all can share

At 60ghz its mighty powerful
Watch out for the towers that will have to be
Every 500 feet at oxygen absorption
But many of the towers you will not see
Disguised in street lights lamp posts
Garage signage
Trees will have to be cut down for they
Councils have a right of easement
As do energy companies
With it closer than ever before
We are going to pay

Our health is going to suffer thats for certain
We need to top up vitamin D for sure
And do not wear sunglasses
The D comes via your eyes
People will get sicker more and more
Its all about agenda 21 and cutting back
births around the world thats everywhere
Managing disease with pharmaceuticals
WIGIG WIFI guarantees despair

Its on the oxygen molecules absorbtion spectrum
Our lives mostly sedentary will feel
As gas heating depletes oxygen levels
Methane will consume and make it real
Being oxygen deficient will see symptons
Hearing voices, passing out, and being weak
Inducing bizarre illness yes it all is coming
A pretext for vaccinations which will peak

Petrochemical pharmaceuticals out there
The likes of fluoride bromine halogen too
Our pineal glands are really going to get it
KREB Cycle inhibitors its true
Humanity is no good I have to tell you
Our water our processed Foods our children will soon see
I pads, chrome pads, microwave technology
Harm our reproductive organs this is key

Artemis the goddess of infertility
There you see its all there in plain sight
They are aiming at the girls their precious eggs
The unsuspected masses its not right
National birthrate figures already falling
Even now it is happening today
Get the kids away from all the newish fangled routers
Home school them if you can without delay

Lighting is another hazard out there
All these LED lights they are part
Of rolling out the perilous technology
“NO white light at night” thats from the heart
Sunlight is important for our make up
These Led street lights equivalent too
Full moon every night again this isnt right
Inducing sepsis which isn’t good for you

It suppresses melatonin sleep will be a thing
Of the past as it is already, and its going to bring
Sickness to the fore and a need that will invoke
A war on vitamin D and really thats the thing
These sensors in the streets will all be surveillance
Imaging movement sensors everywhere
Hardwire use the USB port to the ethernet
Say no to WIFi you must be aware

Get some orange bulbs soft light not hard light
The chemtrails raining metals down now too
Birthing do not clamp or cut the placenta
Every facet is taking stuff from you
We are on a journey taking us away from life
Creating in us all great stress which we
Gradually will realise as sterility sets in
And autism becomes commonplace, so my plea

Is somehow we can get to grips with all of this
Try to free up this technology
Spend more time now outside in the forest
For honestly that is the place to be
Get the children away from all this wifi
You know it all feels bad now anyway
I for one am giving up my telephone
Why shorten my life and have to pay

Erthernet and USb is safer
Switch off all the routers everynight
Try to not be addicted by appliances
Really see if you can see the light
Filter out the fluoride from your water
Get into the countryside much more
Take a break at lunch time leave your phone behind
We are up against an invasive force more powerful than before

And it can only get worse

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