Antemocracy (formic intelligence)

When Tyrannosaurus stalked
The earth after blood and guts
The tiny ant was watching
Walking in his ruts
Trillions of them marching
Really to their own tune
Invested with such intelligence
Seemingly immune

Because they work together
United all for one
And one for all
Their clarion call
They cannot be outdone
They communicate on formic acid trails
Antennae to
The forefront in their battle
To do what they must do

They recognize each other by smell
And woe betide
If you haven’t got our smell
there is no place to hide
Their antennae sweeping side to side
Bristling with force
In and out of odour fields
Keeping dead on course

Everything each ant does do
Is community driven they
Each are links in the mighty chain
And there is no other way
They are a driven army
Sophisticated and strong
Armed with first class weaponry
That really does belong

Where these ants are living
All pervading being there
Effectual and efficient
Functional and fair
A zestfulness for everything
Overpowering overwhelming
Thats their destiny

They influence their surroundings
And gain footings everywhere
They can be domineering
They truthly are aware
Of what it is they really need
And how to get it they
Have had a lot of practice
At getting things their way

Their mounds and nest are truly
Out of this world and they
Give off formic clouds
If you get close enough
They say
It really is a powerful smell
A deodoriser they
Produce this from within themselves
Any time of day

Their universe is a sanctity
Where instinctively they build
A multi purpose township
Their mantra never yield
To no one fight until the end
Our precautions are in place
We are prophets in so many ways
Over the human race

Like the ferocious Dinosaurs
We saw them off as they
Perished when the asteroid
Crashed down on earth that day
But we had many armies
Some of us survived
We learned much through the aeons
And so we have arrived

With so much expectations
Whatever humans threw
At us we are surely up to it
We have been all through
Trillions of us walk their earth
Our alien society
All powerful if they only knew
Our honest notoriety

When You go to to destroy us
Intuitively we
Seem to be mechanical
But ungrudgingly we be
Able to be compliant
Unprompted and unsought
You hurt one and you hurt us all
ForcWe all have the same thought

Thus our retaliation
Is punitive and strong
Our counterblast is coming
The last laugh will be long
we are omni powerful
And we shall
A trillion hearts a beating
Sounds like the loudest drum

You will ever hear!

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