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So many empty words I hear All platitudes and I Am Anne and I find unfathomable Do they just want me to die? To fade away completely Longleat seems to me They misconstrue my every wish Just to live in … Continue reading


In deference to Longleat Captivity for me Feels more like what is convenient With less freedom to be Myself I am old and weary My life has not gone well Circus was a sentence More akin to hell An overiding … Continue reading


Old in the tooth With masterful thoughts Captivity really With all of its warts Breeds introversion And solitariness Ofcourse there are keepers All Humans lets stress They have a job to do Our banishment they Orchestrate its true Everyday I … Continue reading


It feels like a hopeless situation And the ideology From the circus Isnt really lost Thats how it seems to me Arthritis is an ailment That leaves me in despair When disappointment surfaces Such forlorn hope is there It crystallizes … Continue reading


Still here alone Not much to do No one to speak with Which is true I have some sand And a plastic ball 3 little goats But that is all They raised my expectations high But I am irritated and … Continue reading

The Minutiae

The fighting men are likened to the termites That we see Scurrying about their world With such legitimacy Enacting all the regulations Following the laws Riding down the valley path And hearing the applause Enchanted by the lilac waves Of … Continue reading

The Kaurareg

Aboard the cutter “America” From Sydney to Brisbane Which hit the Madjn Reef near Horn And was never seen again The crew it seems all drowned Including the captain he Captain Thompson died in front of his Wife apparently She … Continue reading

KOA And bush tucker

A true resoluteness A stoutness of heart Knowing what is precious And how much apart You are from the masses Where concrete and glass And corporate tension Tears into ones class Where the vapid snd colourless Drabness evolves Where prolixity … Continue reading


to the fictional shadows Where wisdom and need Where the anticipation Of predators feed The great forboding The prophetic eye That looks down on each night From its place in the sky The great flow of energy The oracle who … Continue reading

Aunty Ro Mudjin a pal o’ mine

The existence of creation The importance of its worth The undeniable history Played around Mother Earth The immortal the enduring The sum and substance we Share with the perpetual The complex and the free Tangible and solid Grounded everywhere Heartbreaking … Continue reading

Ululation heartfelt

Blubbering whimpering The requiem the elegy Each cow that feels the breath Within her nostrils Knows just how to be A female with the reddest eyes Such harassment yes it defies Pleasure-giving and the appeal The martyrdom and just how … Continue reading

Les Hiddings the man

Les Hiddings He’s the Bushtucker man Ex army number one Famous for his Acubra hat Mother Nature’s son The wet is what he knows about He gets around the place An uncanny eye for survival And a big grin on … Continue reading


Kidology and wishful thinking Thats fox hunting here Hunts are still in process So many speak of fear Sophistry its everywhere The magistrates appear To always take the hunters side Or so it does appear Out there in the velvet … Continue reading


A noble soul the terrestial one Looks very menacing in the sun Likes to climb trees But can be shy Hibernates from May to August Holds a rank thats high There are a number of species But Australia knows that … Continue reading

WIld animals deserve so much more from AUSTRALIA

To admit to being inhumane By abandoning victims who Have been injured at the roadside takes so much away from you It shows beyond all doubt in fact Just how cruel you be Kangaroo’s and others injured Will be left … Continue reading

Lamentis animus

Alive each life a miracle Creation made it so Each entity in actuality Part of our show Coming into being Tangible and true Showing us all the qualities Of wildness now on view We all come from one mother Absolute … Continue reading

The destruction of life

Speak to the average hunter Ask what they feel about death What life means to them And why they believe They have rights to deny Someone rbreath whoever they happen to Come upon What its like for a pure soul … Continue reading

Leaves (A study)

MAy’s leaves they dance and flurry Seemingly in a hurry To get to grips with buds and fruits and sunshine All the way The piercing greens and firery reds Great clumps of pea green attitude Driven in a soul backed … Continue reading


The Emu is a star out in the bush Under the sun With all its originality A Soft feathered flightless Racer and boy can this bird run A trendsetter in many ways Majestic through and through An eminence of character … Continue reading


Respect is sadly lacking For the iconic Kangaroo Farmers send them packing Governments do that too Creation the most splendid Discovered long ago The need for a pack macropods Part of the great flow Of energy for Australia A survivor … Continue reading

Maria Diekmann and Honey Bun

This prototype Creature A pine cone on legs Walks like the dinosaur Almost it begs As it wanders through wild bush At quite a few knots The scaly mammal And we see lots Of them being slaughtered Apparently they Have … Continue reading

Anne the elephant

Beverly and Janie Were lovely friends of mine Both With moral fibre Noble and divine They were so trustworthy In every single way And ofcourse confined in me How they wanted to stay That Romanian keeper Nitu yes him he … Continue reading

Akashinga (the brave ones)

They look the part They act the part They are all heart and they Are the women they are the brave ones The Akashinga pay Attention to the animals That some would hunt and kill Uprightness and honesty And integrity … Continue reading

Lentils (wild fields Yes Please)

Vandina Shiva Has the right idea lentils of course One has to fear The so called “clearfield” GM crop That Canada grows And Ought to stop Its arrogance really Dressed suspiciously Talking up abundance ingloriously Providing some wealth For farmers … Continue reading

From Ulises

Being born in the ocean The Atlantic Ocean A fifth of the planet was where I and my family were all free to wander At depths nobody dare compare 12,000 feet going deeper As old as the hills you can … Continue reading


Understanding Of Nature Of soils and of need Seem to go out the window When it comes down to feed The people thats when ofcourse Genetics is played Thats the card of the moment Where profits are laid Fairly and … Continue reading


Sea world and Orca’s Whatever they say Its as much about deceit At the end of the day With their ten orca’s In what is a tank Of concrete and chlorine Which For me To be frank Its no place … Continue reading

Just another joey

My mother was a miracle Creation made her so Her exactitude and candour Her honour all who know Her know just how outspoken And Unembroidered and how true She carried me she loved me and did so her life through … Continue reading

The Red Ape

Borneo and Sumatra Two islands in the sea The only place on earth infact Where Orangutans now be One wonders really how long for For we the arrogant fools We the ignorant idiots Whose behaviour just appals Being wild and … Continue reading

Wildness a quality to revere

Its important to realise That the kangaroo Knows more about living Than any of you Thousands of years Historicity Creation provided them Knowledge you see The sky and the land Romantic it be When the moon seems to come Even … Continue reading