Single use plastic

Single use plastic is in so many ways
Wasteful its joining the oil based malaise
Of high tech production and a low tech idea
Of creating a product of exhaustion and fear
It dismantles good sense and leaves judgement behind
The time and the energy is underlined
Posterity suffers heritage does too
And the ramifications that sadly ensue

Used once and disposed of a barren idea
That adds to our waste problems
That much is clear
Exhausting potential a future sterile
Impassive behaviour hard to reconcile
Single use plastic contributes to
A costly footprint thats then hard to woo
Support in the long term
Where it all goes awry
Overturning the positive
To testify

It adds to the problem
Doing so by design
Its amorphous and structureless
A chaotic line
Indistinct and nondescript
Malformed lets say
An occlusion of chaos
Thats making us pay

Environments suffer
The wild souls do too
A regurgitation of something untrue
Falling short in so many ways
And plunging into
An abyss of sorts
Something unreal
A life threatening notion
That can now reveal

An expectation
A bodily need
A food source that tragically
All should take heed
Of its actual perception
An image perhaps
That comes with a ghoulishness
That just entraps

It may be in a guise
Of a jellyfish and
Has an amazing likeness
But to understand
Its a non food a plastic
A harmful desire
Not a ghost of a chance
Bewilderingly dire

Cetaceans are suffering
As we can see
Beaching themselves
Full of uncertainty
Polymers fibres
Flimsy and wrong
Perverting all reason
Of where they belong

A one track mind
Resembling food
But proving how blind
Some are in the water
Ingesting can be
Very injurious
Such naivete

Its all unfamiliar
Unfathomed untried
And many great beasts
Have already died
Single use plastic
A real falsity
Mistaken belief

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