We have phillistines in government
Who turn their blindest eyes
Bowing down to the meat trade mob
Despite the nations cries
Bleating and cattle mooing
Still ship truck loads by sea
On hell ships to the Middle East
Where they should never be

Whose being paid in back handers
For the cruelty and pain
Heavier so called dead weights
And what is there to gain
Australia is earning
Big bucks I have to say
And the sheep are getting brutality
Each and every day

The meat trade says that welfare
Is the highest anywhere
Look what they do to their kangaroos
And their aboriginies share
A thought for the Koalas
Ripped down off their tree
The meat trade are a bunch of trolls
Rolled in iniquity

60 minutes told us
And showed us what they do
And its all about the money
The only thing thats true
About the meat trades purpose
A voyage to hell on earth
Purposefully neglected
Thats the secret worth

They are a bunch of tossers
As negative as hell
Denying and negating
Their one idea to sell
A falsehood a mendacity
Duplicity all the way
Mealy mouthed and euphemistic
Disguised in pure dismay

Great at telling porkies
Trumped up stories where
Their piles of disinformation
Sweeping through the air
The big talk of the day
Unwilling to tell it as it is
And just throwing away

Australian lives a plenty
Sacrificing hope
Impulsively disregarding
Their ability to cope
A predetermined scripture
Ad-libbing all the way
The meat trade and live export
Is impulsive in everyway

It never should have happened
How sleep could ever be
Shared among the farmers
And the shippers on the sea
The terror in each animals eyes
The fear that haunts them so
The evil of the money grabbing
Ugly so and so

The exporter and the importers
The throat cutting brigade
Halal the execution
On the innocent it is laid
The inner screams
The blood gush
The sinew strung so taut
Australians all born and bred
Out of mind and thought

An outright ban is the only thing we should fight for
Those who support the meat traders and live export
Should think carefully about their philosophy
And vote to deny them profit on such terror shipments.

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