Family court

Uneasiness just watching
Agitation and dismay
The cops are knocking on your door
To take your child away
They have a court order
From the family court
The police state is in overdrive
Clearly a big wart
On the legal system
how coppers have a right
To come and fetch a baby
In the dead of the night
A tale of woe and despondency
Such adversity
And its happening in NEw Zealand
Not the place to be

Listen to the screaming child
Who doesn’t want to go
The displeasure and
Who would want to know
These coppers bullying people
Apparently without remorse
The anxiety is growing
They come in with some force

The child is clearly upset
Being manhandled in this way
Angst ridden and so frightened
Probably its worst day
It is beyond barbaric
But has happened back before
When other children
Were taken away
And all within the law

The trauma they are facing
It is beyond the pale
NEw Zealand’s family courts
This method has to fail
There is nothing worth this hassle
For children to endure
This nightmare carried out by police
Its loathsome and no cure

For any legal reasoning
No actual notice given
The surprise a travesty
But it is court time driven
NEw Zealand’s is sinking in the
Mire of long ago
And how they think this is justified
I just dont fucking know

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