Come Trudeo

The murdering psychopathic thugs
Frequenting the ice floes
Smashing baby seals about
Rotten so and so’s
Unimagined agony
These babies are going through
And their mothers watch in shock and awe
At what these scumbags do

Someone elses baby
Kidnapped before your eyes
Beaten till their brains are crushed
Then dragged away
These guys
are said to be real humans
But are acting maliciously
These the darkly fishermen
Now emptying the sea

So you want a fish evening
And the fish shop is to where
You go and buy your bass or plaice
Something else and share
The spoils ofcourse those baby seals
That the fishermen have killed
Beaten around about the head
And listened as they squealed

As blood poured from their bodies
In a blood slime they are dragged
Whimpering and crying
Rapidly they are bagged
Into the bloody boats awaiting
Then stripped of their skin
By other fisherman smothered
In a bloody bath of sin

The pictures are beamed around the world
For everyone to see
Fish eating canadians
Can’t add up seems to me
These murdering scum are the fishermen
Paid by you dont you see?
Ofcourse they won,t be covered in blood
but its them dont look at me!

So you hang your heads
And you tell yourselves
There is nothing you can do
You blame Trudoe and his government
But a nice fish pie or stew
Then You cannot wait to tell the chef
How much you enjoyed his meal
And that just proves beyond any doubt
That the babies they can squeal

For the people what do they care
And the cat walk by design
What do they care no one cares
The fur looks really fine
The fishermen are happy
Their nets are full and they
Will make it through the season
As the seals just rot away

The furriers are happy
The turk in Istanbul
Is rubbing his hands together
Listening to the cock and bull
Protestors in the streets again
Why should this man care
He is getting rid of the evidence
So at least is more aware

4/5/2018 Canadaian Embassy Trafalgar Square
1.00 pm to 5pm

Come make your voices heard

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