Romany Rose I do suppose

In anticipation I came to this pool
Where providence wakens and I hear its call
Tranquillity surfaces insight and grace
Its imagery working all over the place
In my wildest dreams I put on my dress
Walk through the forest and I must confess
Alone with the eyes of the wild souls on me
I feel all rhapsodical and I feel free

Why be of this world when actually I
In my vaporous state can float into the sky
And see my face in the surface and say
Its not make believe no it isnt no way
I’m an integral part of the whole when I come
Resourceful and ready to try to share some
Of each meaningful moment to conjure and fly
To fantasize actually and to ask why

This place in the forest means so much to me
Its just packed with meaning and helps me to see
And recapture my youth where I played long ago
As good as ones word I could understand more
Of the wild ones around me and just felt so sure
So safe in their meaningful light and so I
Often came to this place with a glint in my eye

Quietly they whisper their messages they
Chattering charmers they gossip away
In pursuit of perfection the unscathed the unmarked
Quick witted sure footed silently parked
Effusive and hearty and eager to be
Part of the picture laid out before me
Sentient and spirited vibrantly green
Unctuous and soulful I knew that I’d been
Here long before perhaps with my dad
Overwhelmed and inspired by the fact that I had

I felt his strong arm and the smile that he had
Consumed with his love and utterly sad
It had been several years since he passed
And I knew
he too had been with me helping me through
He liked me in green and I always wore
A bow in my hair so today I felt sure
That he too was with me again he was here
By the pool in the forest my daddy my dear

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