It happens that this apparition
Walks on snowy ground
The most mysterious predator
That ever us around
A powerful bite
A fearless soul
A fearsome enemy
Mean spirited and valiant
A mrtal good and free

A phantom of the forest
A disembodied soul
Restless and ambitious
Wants always to control
Endurance is a keyword
They run like a machine
With a resilience and an intensity
That describes the wolverine

Nothing truly phases him
A trickester some might say
Unbelievably greedy
And illusive with a way
Of getting into the psyche
Really invoking fear
Will often eating to bursting point
His gluttony is clear

The sami people are aware
Of how tough and just how mean
Leaping to a reindeers throat
Its injuries obscene
Left to bleed out everyone
Respect the chosen word
Pound for pound their effective
To whatever ever else occurred

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