The ingenuity and inventiveness of wolves

Justice for Wolves they need us today
Too many hunters with too much to say
Their reputation is so undeserved
Leaving me honestly feeling unnerved
They have great resourcefulness
That is their strength
And a wolf is prepared to go to any length
To protect the family
That is their thing
The pack comes together
And all of them bring

Willingness team work
Mutual assistance
These wild souls who be
Working together
Faithful and true
With combined understanding
In all that they do

The best of friends
Daring they be
They dont take things lying down
Combatants see
Irrational fear
Sophistical too
Unreasoned thoughts
Is what humans do

They threaten and blame
The wild wolf without seeing
Flaws in their argument
Over this being
Reputations created
which are wholly unfair
It does beg the question
Why we are still there

With our wrong impressions
And what is our false dawn
Preconceived ideas
Our fixation born
Perhaps from frustration
Our prejudiced eye
And disequilibrium
Under the sky

They are apex predators
Who valuate well
Great arbitrators
With so much to tell
Unbiased and dispassionate
Sententious too
They don’t kill for fun
Just to eat so to do

Providing each other
With sustenance they
Are super athletes
And can run all day
Their brains 30 per cent
Larger than dogs
They prefer wild food
And Are the cogs

In the great wheel of life
Where survival and need
Their olfactory skills
Are all powerful indeed
One hundred times stronger
Than any man
And mate for life
Really since life began

No such thing as divorce
or playing away
Unless partners die
They always display
Acuteness and forthought
And good strategy
But are used as scapregoats
By us constantly

Blamed for predation
On cattle we know
It seldom is wolves
They are wise and they show
Sharp wits and savvy
And good judgement too
Unlike the ranchers
Who dont have a clue

Where we see oafishness
So unenlightened
How can it be
All of this prejudice
And bigotry
For the wilderness children
The voiceless the free

Their howling alarms some
Those unseemly fools
Who cast their dispertions
And so lack the tools
Of interpretation
And lateral thought
Of deductive reasoning
And thus come up short

Creative endeavour
Is what wolves are about
Hunting and killing them
Conceals the doubt
And the misinformation
Which is never great
Disingenuous preaching
Deceptive and false
Concerning the wolves
Is a matter of course

In many ways humans
May resent their power
Their rich family bonds
For them every hour
Is about the family
And all are involved
The cubs are all priceless
Mortalities solved

The need is to care
And be ready to show
To teach and to mentor
And stay in the flow
An incorrigibility
A mind of their own
Not suited to change
Nor of being alone

Men are the evil ones
Injurious they
Cause much distress to wolves
And make them pay
Some seem intent
On wiping them clean
Off the planet such reasoning
So wrong and so mean

Justice for wolves
They need us today
Too many hunters
With too much to say
Who lack rationale
And sadly ascribe
Blame to the innocent
The great wolf tribe

The impotence of hunters
Their unfitness shows
Disarm them and watch them
As their fear grows
Cowards in their camouflage
Toothless they be
Gnashing their teeth
But not wanting to see

A flabby senility
Spineless infact
Hitmen secreted
And how they react
High fives and pissing their pants
A collision of consciousness
And apathy

Who can kill cubs?
The mainstay of the breed
Only the hunters
They can watch them bleed
With excessive force
Heavy handedly they
Can dispatch the females
In what is a display

Of vile patriarchy
Of villainous pride
Of ill-prepared
Half baked shit
From inside
Mockers and scoffers
And cynics at play
Fault finding carpers
Who bad mouth all day

And all the wolves suffer
The slander the smears
Life cannot get tougher
The snidest of fears
We defame and dishonour
We traduce and malign
And imagine our profit
Is all by design

2 comments on “The ingenuity and inventiveness of wolves

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    Absolutley beautiful, thank you Rex

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      My dear friend thanks for coming to the blog today
      This was a difficult poem i truly love wolves and their place in the environments
      Their great difficulty made diifficult still by human activity.we are very irresponsible and in idaho and montana dont give them the time of day
      Our treatment of them is their tragedy yetbthey go about their lives in a distinguished and amazing way.there is no excuse for animal abuse

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