Open circle rituals

A quiet country lane
Some parked cars
A parable in terms
Historical and Natural
The vista seen confirms

The standing stones soldiers of old
Moles working over time
Historicity eternal
Through the clods and sods they climb
Bounded by some bare trees
Expecting leaves to come
We have the vernal equinox
With brilliant light and some

Are looking down on Chipping Norton
Sleeping far below
The kings men and the king himself
Watching the Spring flowers grow
The druids of the Cotswold Order
Robed up ready to
Form a splendid circle
Inside the stones the crew
Settle with invited souls and
Those who wish to be
Experiencing the ritual
And its reality

The sky presents its blueness
It frames our picture well
And tribal paraphanalia
Faithfully dispel
Those who are unknowing
And have not joined in before
But are clearly into trying
Despite feeling unsure

Its credible and friendly
With creativity
A coming together of like minds
And Of individuality
A union of the mindful
A congress wise and true
A linkage and an involvement
All kind of impromptu

Invoking the spirit
Marshalling its force
Taking food with blessings
As a matter of course
Outlook and expectation
The speaking stick and more
We get to know each other
Sowing seeds for sure

Watching clouds roll over
Feel the vivacity
Of the wind that merges kindly
And kind of sets one free
Uphold and maintain
And perpetuate
The actiology
Feeling the power of the circle
And its relaxing energy

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