I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

Existence for me
was at odds with my soul
With the urges I felt
with the lack of control
Humans their arrogance
basically they
Have hearts and have minds
but cant find a way

Out of their
deep seated violence for life
They breed like flies
creating such strife
Stealing the land
from each other at will
And long after my death
will be stealing it still

They called me Sudan
after where I was born
A flower in Their Paradise
I was their thorn
Undeniably My keratin
just like their nails
But still became targets
for old chinese males

Traditional medicine
so I was told
Our powerful horns
made us rampant and bold
Poachers employed
to steal us away
Corruption was rife
at the end of the day

We were maligned by the lies that we heard
Nothing there tangible, it was absurd
Baseless and groundless, fictititiously
They established a market intentionally
Our annihilation was on the cards
Despite the drones the high fences
And guards

The visionaries they had all melted away
In their place the doogooders and eccentrics
Who pay
Lots of lip service ofcourse its those zoo’s
And its back down to profit and turning the screws
I was an old soul but I am now looking down
On a planet where hope and the will of a clown
Like me understands what its like to be real
To be whole to be true and to so really feel

I was happy enough in Sudan in the sun
Till the trappers came for me what had I done
To deserve such a circus of people and they
Were from Chipperfields so I heard
Hardly a ray
Of sun kissed profusion, and after them I
Reached Czechoslovakia not knowing why

I was an African that was my place
Europe was alien it wasnt my space
Some zoo director apparently
Was after my blood and my stock, so for me
Languishing there was awful and I
Felt the sparseness and meagreness
Under their sky

I never felt loved there
The air wasn’t right
i never felt healthy
There just was a blight
Its true weighing three tons
Most of you think
That I don’t, and therefore
Just can’t see the link

But our hearts are beating too
We have deep thoughts
We have emotion despite all our warts
Being prehistoric and frightening we
Are very aware and conciliatory
We feel the hostility its all around
Though we lumber slowly upon the shared ground

So it was decided to ship us back where
We might do better in the African air
To Kenya to the ol Pejeta conservancy
So with Najin and Fatu yes all us three
We went back our hearts all a flutter and we
Have been there ever since
Glad really to be

There but the scourge that is man so unkind
Belittling us showing that they don’t care
They still have the idea that keratin will
Improve their libido, they really do still
Show just how ignorant man has become
Despite their advances really only some
Truly appreciate our worth and so
They euthanized me yes I had to go

I was suffering ofcourse I was
24 tablets a day they gave me
For the pain I was suffering
In banana fruit
For the taste the obnoxious
They thought it would suit

Me not to know this
Mwenda my mate
My keeper my helper
One bloke I did rate
But he still didnt understand
Just how I felt
Alone with the cards
That humanity dealt

The other two ladies
Their ovaries seized
Up from non use the abuse
We are teased
with unkindness and what
Became futile to me
The lack of respect
To really be free

Habitat loss
Being guarded at night
Men with machine guns
I hate the sight
We walk in our mothers shadow abroad
Yet are beaten and shot
And thats our reward

Our babies left weeping
Beside murdered mothers
Horns hacked off violently
Really are others
Truly aware of this savagery they
Look at pictures of us
And then just walk away

The carnage the stench
The maggots who roll
In with the light
As each withered soul
Is torn at by vultures
What do they see
A beautiful soul
That once breathed
And was free

So Now I am resting
My weary soul flies
Above you invisible
And still the lies
Are rampant among you
For blood money talks
But this Northern White Rhino
No longer walks

2 comments on “I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

  1. Nita Smith on said:

    Rex this poem is heart rendingly sad, I know you are a poet for the animals and you have given Sudan and all the others a fitting orbituary. Thankyou for sharing, may I copy this on my post?
    Always for the animals,

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou for stopping by and your lovely words the animals need help ongoing help and poems get to the right places via twitter and facebook and e mails to enbassies and to newspapers and governments.

      Thanks for the support its appreciated very much x

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