Feather dusters shoes and handbags

The Western Cape
yES It rhymes with rape
And murder they do as well
The largest bird
On Planet Earth
STOP dear not another word

Fashion I look ashen
At the thought of
Seeing this
A full grown Ostrich
Being slaughtered
Whose taking the piss!

HERMES PRADA and the like
Handbags yes and shoes
For dainty feet and tampons
Its ostrich skin they use

Ostriches are beautiful
Social creatures they
Males take turns to sit on the eggs
They don’t just walk away
They take their responsibility
Of maleness unlike us
They don’t leave it all to mother
They openly discuss

But we dont care for Nature
For wildness all we care
Is about making money
Out of anything thats there
We dont care about creation
Of life if its not ours
We dont care about wild animals
In our ivory towers

We make feather dusters
And so we pull them out
It gives that abused texture
But thats what its about
The ladies like this leather
Off the poor birds back
And in South Africa
The slaughter house
Is ready to attack

An Ostrich in the wilds
Will live 40 years or more
But because you need a handbag
Its one year, yes I’m sore
I’m really bloody angry
And women who believe
An ostrich bag is really cool
They let fashion deceive

Them and people like them
And then ofcourse its shoes
When they are trucked to slaughter
I bet then you refuse
To go along and see them
Happy on the truck
Going on their journey
But you don’t give a flying fuck

One year on this planet
With their dear mama
Learning all about life
Yes I know you are
Wandering through the magazines
And seeing models there
Dusting the dirt with your dusters
Without a thought or care

So the slaughter house and the
Processor can maurder can inflame
Can kill these sweet boy ostriches
All of them are game
Stunned and throttled rapidly
Bled into a bin
Their skin torn off and dried
For the trade its all win win

They can make a killing
And blood is everywhere
They were fascinating birds
Who were prepared to share
Their knowldge with each other
THey are enigmatic souls
They do not harm the planet
And understand their roles

You demonstrate your ignorance
Your blatancy to be
Shameless exhibitionists
Doused in flagrancy
Your delusions of grandeur
Wearing your ostrich shoes
With all the arrogant swagger
The veneer that I refuse

To see you as attractive
Your insincerity
Your pompous
Self- importance
Akin to insanity
Turgid and inflated
Vulgar flaunting tarts
Believing yourselves to have made it
Despite the broken hearts

Of mothers back in Africa
Whose sons they stole away
Your haughtiness i feel it
Your bluster my dismay
At seeing what you pay
For your handbag
And what you carry there
Cheap and nasty wrinkle creams
And blood money to spare

Those children would be with
Their parents three years
Did you know
they have respect
For learning
That is why they grow
Into very responsinle ostriches who are
Well versed each a star
Who eat what they were meant to eat
And are ready to go far

So ladies if you read my ode
And would like an ostrich bag
Or a pair of bloody ostrich shoes
Know that I lose my rag
When i see the manifestation
Having heard the babies cries
As they watch their best friends slaughtered
In front of their eyes

The West Cape slaughterhouses
Are really awfully cruel
They care nothing for these babies
Such action should appal
You no doubt would be sickened
By the noise the guts the blood
But readily go to Knightsbridge
Where There always is a flood

Of fashion houses ready
To flog this evil stuff
What does amount to cruelty
Most cannot get enough
The profit is colossal
The balance sheets do well
Dragging feathered angels
From their paradise into HELL?

They put them in a flashy bag
And yea you do feel good
When you get back to where you live
And unpack because you could
You keep the bag to remind yourself
That you can go and buy
The cruelty and the horror
And you are why they die

And with that inside your brainwashed heads
You can sleep at night
The nightmares that the ostrich family have
Its theres by right
You can wear your ostrich shoes
And carry your ostrich bag
And if I see you at anytime
I will recognise a hag

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