An appeal to President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador

Long before you
They had settled
In the virgins palace where
The jungle swept above them
Where the sun had bleached their hair
Guardians steeped in romance
spirited and free
Who lived close to their mother
It was where she chose to be

Such vision and acuity
That grabbed the hearts of man
Each a bold chameleon
Part of the greater plan
Spectators drenched in wonderment
Sentinels to time
Out there in the thoughtfulness
Imagining the climb

Chosen by ancestral hearts
To occupy and to be
Protective of the forest
Of every single tree
Plants and shrub conversant
In the ways of thought and soul
And now you want to force
Upon them a new type of control

Mining ripping up the world
Their blood, their sweat their tears
Where the bones of ancestors lie
Heightening their fears
The monster corporatocracy
In its greasy grabbing phase
dark clouds ripping through their world
Vast drill destroying days

The cachophony of chaos
All the world at sea
Women in their watchfulness
Please SIR let them be
For in earnest they seek protection
For the forest and the way
Forward their due diligence
They are saviours of each day

Not the great destruction
And abduction caked in grime
They know the cries of anguish
For they hear them all the time
They feel the wrath and anger
Addicted to survive
Centuries of giving
Of Just being alive

To protecting the environment
And not wanting to pay
Seeing it crushed under ugly toes
Of the miners who will prey
For the oil is the very marrow
Of the earth and they will take
All of it the consciousness
Bitterly they will break

Listen to their pleading
Its because they are concerned
They have the thirst for the knowledge
And the zeal in which it is turned
Eavesdrop on their heart beats
Stand by them for they
Want you to be mindful
Of their purpose here today

Their alertness is of value
Their forethought you must feel
They are the true perfectionists
Alert SIR and so real
They hear the scampering shallowness
Driven by those who
Come to rape and pillage
And uncaringly all through

Improvident and unprepared
Neglectful of the green
The emerald forest cries out
To all of those who have been
Given the concessions
Exceptionally for they
Are closer to the soul then thee
The women of today

Grounded and convincing
Expectations high
Living in the forest
Observant of the sky
Rational with reasoning
And inspirational thought
Intuitive and consistent
These women can’t be bought

They the true spirit Of Ecuador
Cogent grounded souls
Dont ever underestimate them
They have far reaching roles
Petroleum and gases the mining infidels
Will come with their lowbrow ignorance
Their falsehoods and their spells
Of arrogance a forethought
Like Chevron did before
They the great damnation
Who totally ignore

Awareness and true prudence
And profundity of thought
We have to show enlightenment
Prove we cant be bought
The idiocy of money
The incapacity
Of selling out for little
It really must not be

Be the true blown prophet
The sage of note be wise
Listen to the angels
See through their diguise
They are infact protecting
The miracles below
The sanity of the earth itself
With its ever richer glow.

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