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One piglet who wants to leave the EU

Sadness for this little pig The evil out there stinks No sunlight no one cares for us And no one sees the links Its Easter some are eating us Our legs on which now we Cannot walk upon the grass … Continue reading


The eggs were all found In the places where they Had been hidden this morning Secreted away The chickens got wind of it A pastime may be On non fertilization Where creation won’t be The children looked happy They had … Continue reading


No retail shop or wholesaler Has any right to sell Live animals not ever Such slavery is HELL Punishment for life itself Their day of judgement ours Castigatory and vindictiveness None possess these powers And many of them slaughter Animals … Continue reading


It happens that this apparition Walks on snowy ground The most mysterious predator That ever us around A powerful bite A fearless soul A fearsome enemy Mean spirited and valiant A mrtal good and free A phantom of the forest … Continue reading


These murdering scumbag industries Are good at choosing words Harvesting for murdering Culling all undeterred They sink to depths beyond the pale And torture and alas Create in markets in Shengcun A vile darkly morass The lowest of the low … Continue reading

Dreamtime spirits

Born and enduring the spirits of old Well grounded and physical Solidly sold Look into faces And what can you see Thousands of years And how it could be We live on the land With its dust in our soul … Continue reading

Giraffes the new target

Submissive and passive Glorious souls Faithful and steadfast Honouring roles Of the worlds tallest animal A ruminant they Stand 18 feet In shrubveld they play With a penchant for thorn trees They never lie flat Also seldom sleep And know … Continue reading

Hamelin Bay whale strandings

Among the cetaceans that frequent the sea Are the dolphins and pilot whales And some agree Areas affecting their sonar abide Bio-accoustically stressing the tide Hamelin bay near Augusta is one Known as a whale trap The shallows can run … Continue reading

Rajah’s Makaibari

The miracle that was Makaibari Took on an exciting turn A realization A philosophy of existence So as to learn An undeniable positive What may have appeared a dream In the mind of a giant With an enduring stream That … Continue reading

The ingenuity and inventiveness of wolves

Justice for Wolves they need us today Too many hunters with too much to say Their reputation is so undeserved Leaving me honestly feeling unnerved They have great resourcefulness That is their strength And a wolf is prepared to go … Continue reading

Attacking fracking

Brainwashing our angels Thats not cops jobs The fluorescent army Of community yobs Out to abuse us and intimidate those who Are protecting communities Which is what they do Each on this mortal coil An unspecified time Some paid to … Continue reading

To Rosemary

Click on the photo And see the true glory Of my protective Rosemary And her evergreen story Flowering, each frond A meaningful drift Her essence her spirit A literal lift To the senses Configured her fanciful stance Her rhapsodic image … Continue reading


Cloaks of vernal chlorophyll From my friend the daffodil Who emerges with such meaning To open up in Spring Each bloom as a rule Gives me its sweet call And with utter harmony Its honesty does sing a consensus of … Continue reading

Open circle rituals

A quiet country lane Some parked cars A parable in terms Historical and Natural The vista seen confirms The standing stones soldiers of old Moles working over time Historicity eternal Through the clods and sods they climb Bounded by some … Continue reading

LIDL Selling Kangaroo meat

With 700 stores in the UK LIDL they Have been asked by VIVA That they really ought to pay Very much more attention To exotic meats which do Cover the iconic one The Australian Kangaroo They really should do their … Continue reading

Lost boy

Pillows of cloud In an azure blue sky White arctic wolves Their mission to ply Living in starkness A wilderness where Instincts play heavily To everyone there Subsistence is difficult Out in the wild Enduring the hardships Caring for each … Continue reading

Scumbag shooters

In the remotest of areas In the dead of night Where kangaroo’s graze All in plain sight Warm gentle souls All socially bound Nursing their offspring Who comes around? With their trucks and their guns The scumbags yes who Set … Continue reading

I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

Existence for me was at odds with my soul With the urges I felt with the lack of control Humans their arrogance basically they Have hearts and have minds but cant find a way Out of their deep seated violence … Continue reading


Poor judgement Created an anomaly A place where re wilding Was expected to be Sloppy thinking Lack of vision A false dawn we got 22 square kilometres And its going to pot A National Park On re-claimed land The Netherlands … Continue reading


True to themselves True to their soul Instinctive behaviour They know their role Conjuring spirit Their Magical way Cogs on the wheel of life Born of the day The wilderness wild ones Freely they roam They eerily howl Clearly their … Continue reading

Ahed Tamini

Hopelessness spreads Across many devides When young hopes are dashed By the defeating tides Despairing glances Fearing the worst With parents suffering And when the first Inconsolable nightmare Happens to fall Down on your village Loved by you all Nabi … Continue reading

Australia’s arrogance

Lets look back Back to when Nature she Set out her palette And reality was born In those moments The enduring core Solid and tangible Within the law We came into being The aboriginie Wild and conversant With life, we … Continue reading

Its trying to snow again

With the daffodile pushing Up through the cold sod A dusting of snow flutters down Which feels odd Spring’s clearly sprung Yet Winter appears To cling on to its spot With its ensuing fears Thistledown light forms Blown here and … Continue reading

What price is charity

Charity begins at home “Tiger tops” by another name Organising tournaments Polo its the given game Thailand watch the pachyderms Mahouts riding them about Sticks and stones hurt all our bones Bashing them leaves me in doubt Cruelty does nothing … Continue reading


Acidisation is coming Prepare for house prices to fall Who wants a home in a gas field Its coming the tories appal All of us really their greed in all this Its the corporatocracy who Always vote tory a gory … Continue reading

Looking out at my garden and thinking of the equinox

No vivid colours to speak of The hedge and the copse of a hue Recently snow from the heavens Had fallen and it had frozen the dew Ravens and long tailed tits already nesting Caught out by the season too … Continue reading


Bodiless bears A mystery Scattered across the forest floor Something no one dare ignore A blach bear headless With its penis Bitten off and left Bleeding, such destructiveness I was left bereft Yellowstone Its paradise Away across each scene What … Continue reading

An appeal to President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador

Long before you They had settled In the virgins palace where The jungle swept above them Where the sun had bleached their hair Guardians steeped in romance spirited and free Who lived close to their mother It was where she … Continue reading

Stephen Hawking

We all have imperfections It was something that he felt But it fuelled his determination Which obviously spelt The need to be deliberative And speculatively cerebrate the scope of time And by association see An Independent quotient A physicist he … Continue reading

Feather dusters shoes and handbags

The Western Cape yES It rhymes with rape And murder they do as well The largest bird On Planet Earth STOP dear not another word Fashion I look ashen At the thought of Seeing this A full grown Ostrich Being … Continue reading