Lesser Celandine

Moisture wetness dewiness
Where Ficaria Verna thrives
A harbinger of Spring itself
A wild plant that survives
Forming mats in woodlands
Threatening to control
In the Buttercup family
It has a powerfful role

Called the lesser celandine
But noxious one can say
Horses cattle and even sheep
May soon pass away
Eating it for sadly
Despite its heart shaped leaves
Its really very poisonous
And though lesser it achieves
Dominance over other plants
The reason is it tends
To establish itself early
Though clearly without friends
It, has to be hardy
Its glossy petals do
Grow low down, a perennial
As yellow as its true

It just laps up the sunlight
And wildfolk digging may
Propagate and spread it
In the cool light of day
Its also called the pilewort
A hemorroid remedy
Raw may cause vile itching
And blistering to be
A tragedy in many ways
Wordsworth supposedly
Loved the Lesser Celandine
Through the a stone carver
Who be
Carrying out the calling
Used the greater Celandine
Cheladonium or Nipplewort
On his gravestone
Which was mean

For that was from the Poppy family
And clearly Wordsworth
An inkling for the Buttercup
Just Possibly he knelt
Down and clasped those petals
Heart shaped and glossy green
How sad the carver got it wrong
For apparently its been
On his grave since then
The greater Celandine
But both plants do have merit
Ficaria Verna green
And the chelidonium
A sedative some say
A flower that bloomed when the
Swallows came and died
When they flew away.

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