The Knowledge

There was Knowledge and enlightenment
An order in a time gone by
When consciousness was relevant
And acquaintanceship was high
Lore and wisdom had been acquired
By experience most true
It was all hands on and mindful
Its what they did do

Living side by side with animals
Sharing precious earth
Coming to an understanding
Inspired By its worth
Judgement and discretion
Prudence and forethought
Careful and far seeing
Down to earth so sort

Experienced and level-headed
Instinctively addressed
A lot of intuition
And involvement being blessed
With empathy for living
A catharsis for it all
Closer to ancestors
Who would always be on call

Inspiration everywhere
Spirited desires
Sensitive and vibrant
Unctuous soulful fires
Gushing and effusive
Influenced and stirred
Enraptured by the environment
Lyrical of word

Being close to Nature
Respecting her for she
Laid out their survival
The platter seemingly
Was everywhere and anywhere
They had to learn to be
At one with the environment
And sensibility

Was essential, being responsive
Compassionate and true
To share the animals magic
Their vitalness to do
Their impact their enchantment
Their uncontrollable sense
Emotive and evocative
Dignified and tense

The indigenous were there
Their intuition built
Their responsiveness to the natural world
Not really bringing guilt
Into the equation
Their appreciation for
All children of the rainbow
Not wishing to ignore

Any wild soul anywhere
All were valued, and
Were mentored with endurance
For living on the land
For feeling all that ecstasy
All that vigour all that zeal
Whether carnivores or herbivores
Each of them did feel

And proudly painted pictures
In the caverns on the land
Depicting favourite animals
That all could understand
The Kangaroo the Wallaby
Goannes eagles too
Respecting all wild creatures
Genuine and true

4000 years nomadic tribes
Were tangible for they
Real they were phenomenal
In every single way
Protectors of the environment
Fortuitous and strong
With their status and their footing
They knew they did belong

They had kinship with each other
A common interest too
The world and all its differences
And nuances were true
Creativeness uniquely
Brought a newness and a way
Brought art into being
With the pigments on display
A coherence and a consequence
The attunement of each soul
And harmony apparent
With gender as a whole

The sun the moon the wind
The sky no different from today
The vastness of the dry red earth
Whose moderate display
Of boundlessness of mobs
Of Kangaroo’s and Wallabies
Goanna’s eagles they
Respected living side by side
Unimpaired in any way

Moving on to now to city dwellers
Who aspire
To living in the concrete box
Wired up with wifi fire
bare feet Very rarely
The gravity below
And Covering up our bodies
All superficially slow

Wildness not apparent
The elements alas
Not Part of our being
being in our own morass
wired up to the chaos
With sensations of pain
absorbing the activity
Of fighting to stay sane

Money and the corporatocracy
Invaders of our mind
In our concrete citadels
Is where perhaps you may find
A wired up synthetic human
Who knows the out backs there
Who knows thats there are kangaroos
But doesnt want to share

Is selfishly so arrogant
Who resents the kangaroo
Who is found on the coat of arms
And is indigenous all through
Soft footed kind to Australia
Designed officially
by all of the ancestors
Who shared freedom so closely

Totems were respected today though
The elite
The ignorant the farming clans
Want for home grown meat
To feed the dogs to feed the cats
To feed the city dwellers
Very heaty bush meat
Shot by the shooter fellars

A disunion of the untrained
After money all the way
Unenlightened killers
Whose unruly display
Of entangled baled up killings
Lacking concentration
In disarray and scattered
Who shoot these mobs of kangaroo’s
As if it never mattered

As if there was no history
No rock art anywhere
No dream world and no great mother
Just born out despair
A scourge of violent ruffians
Who butcher night and day
Murdering the many totems
With a lot to say

Thousands being slaughtered
No respect at all
A blistering patriarchy
That truly does appal
A lot of it for pet foods
For leather and thats it
Butchered in the outback
Bush meat’s fire is lit

Fast becoming awful
Multitudes are shot
Joeys then are stomped on
Their tails soon in the pot
Mother time was long ago
With nurturing at the heart
Nowadays its all spivvery
And corpses on a cart

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