In the mountains we all become the mortals we have always been

Where blue skies remain
Not a chem trail in sight
Where snow falls in bucket loads
Every night
The might of the mountain
Reaches the sky
Where freedom exists
In the wink of an eye

Conviction to have it
Is unnerving
Where edelweiss flourishes we
See yaks climbing rapidly
Down the sheer cliffs
Where the mindful amongst
us can see

Tradition and culture
The buidling bricks here
Knee high in snow crisp
and cold
Palkit and Tensing
two loving friends
Who both clearly felt
Zanskar’s hold

Women today in this neck
of the woods
As here in the West cannot be
Either they marry or enter a convent
That is their lot

Thats where we falter on ice
Thats too thin
Let them decide for themselves
To begin
To travel through time
Not be made to be
conventional slaves
To patriarchy

Where there is drama
No freedom exists
Where there is solace
The dancing mists
Cover our eyes
We become Lost
as we receive influence
To our great cost

Thoughts on women in Tibet and beyond

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