The Ruzizi river National Park
Where father time has stood
Watching the warring factions
Which really wasnt good
For all of Natures children
Dotted around the scene
The Hippo’s and the Crocodiles
And the resplendent jungle green

Much neglect and damage
Sees Nature take control
One crocodile named Gustave
Apparently took the role
Of monster of the river
20 feet or more
2000 pounds a reptile tank
Ready to go to war

Teeth like concrete scimitars
Sharp as razors they
Exposed to the light
His great mouth open all the day
Armour plated body
With evidence of pain
Machine gun bullets and spear damage
But he’d learned to swim again

A man eater some 300 innocents
Are dead
He has become a legend
From the size of his great head
He really is a demon
And proven hard to trap
Despite the film in 2004
He has proven to be a chap

Much cleverer than anyone
Imagined he could be
Despite the best of everything
Still no one could catch him
Gustave clearly defies
All the attempts to catch him
Because he is really wise

The hand built trap they made for him
It collapsed into the river
The live goat they had placed inside
Was gone great Mother giver
Of life had stole away
And if it was old Gustave
ate the goat and Made his note
That he was swimming free

That he was a true reality
He was no myth for he
Loved the taste of the local men
Who fished there constantly
The pitman traps and the hand made trap
Were really not his thing
He prefereed the soft white sandbanks
And the river where he was king.

He was sighted again in 2008
I wonder where he is tonight?

Marc Gansuana of Tunisia
Patrice Faye
DR Alison LEslie

The three scientists who tried to trap him
In 2004

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