Its winter
Lets Call in all the old
Call in the children
We need to hold
Fast to those whose immunity
Is weaker by far
It seems to me

Give them a dose
Of the lively flu
The formaldehyde
The mercury too
Toxic metal the way to go
Gelatin old bones that glow
Aluminium toxic too
Chicken egg protein
Its sll Good for you

As a vegan trying to get through life
They can stick their pork
And their beef
The bloody knife
is No relief
To have this cocktail
Stabbed in your arm
Its all the same
Antibiotics yes you will need
Them in your bloodstream
Oh Yes indeed

Is it any wonder when the old folks get
The flu injection
Seemingly set
On a course really
For a great big dose
12 hours in some corridor
That feels so gross

Pensions and allowances
Do Cost the state
To raise their budgets at
Quite a rate
So if you can die
They can cancel all that
But most old people they dont
Smell that rat

They get their letter
The surgery want to
Vaccinate you for free
Give us your arm
Its not going to hurt
Come on dad
roll up your shirt

Mercury thats a toxic treat
Formaldehyde too
Whose dates compete
With all this rubbish
In your blood
Thanks to the tories
It all will flood

Around the body
Into your brain
Through your heart
And back again
Its not bloody Mary
Its mournful with woe
For that in your arm
Might help you go

The greatest preservative
For corpses around
More toxic metal than might be found
Old cattle bones
And ofcourse mercury
Chicken egg protein
Just right with tea
Antibiotics to mess with your gut
Better come now
Before the surgery’s shut

The flu injection
Dont miss it todsy
Its one in your arm
And you dont have to pay
What it does in a nutshell
Its hits your immune
System and hopefully
You will feel that soon

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