TAIJI All butchers they be

A total lack of pity
Such heartlessness abroad
Pods of innocent angels
Perish by their sword
The pithing tools of TAIJI
The ruthlessness of man
Such intolerance and rigour
All part of their plan

The severity of the fisherman
The letter of their law
Their pound of flesh
So unfeeling
Of what life’s blood was for
Unmoved dry eyed and callous
Unmerciful were they
The people of TAIJI and BROOME
Who are all prepared to pay

Relentless is their reasoning
Remorseless with our souls
Brutal with our children
Turn a deaf ear such controls
Stony hearted people
Slave traders in a way
Driving us to slaughter
In the cove so much dismay

Japan its flag a ball of blood
Dolphin blood and whale
How we suffer in the ocean
They are beyond the pale
Inflexible a hardness they have no empathy
Butchers who give no quarter
To those of us who be

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