Monthly Archives: February 2018

A witches curse

A curse upon a licentious sod Who clearly did her wrong To one sweet witch who spread her curse And felt it should belong Unrestrained and promiscuous Showing disregard For her and her heartfelt tendencies So when he got his … Continue reading

Lesser Celandine

Moisture wetness dewiness Where Ficaria Verna thrives A harbinger of Spring itself A wild plant that survives Forming mats in woodlands Threatening to control In the Buttercup family It has a powerfful role Called the lesser celandine But noxious one … Continue reading

In the mountains we all become the mortals we have always been

Where blue skies remain Not a chem trail in sight Where snow falls in bucket loads Every night The might of the mountain Reaches the sky Where freedom exists In the wink of an eye Conviction to have it Is … Continue reading


They are killing the angels Dropping like flies If you protect animals Its no surprise If others are making a killing Then they Will try very hard to put you away Ivory sales the elephant clan Rhinocerus horn despite the … Continue reading

Clumber park

They have made a legal challenge For access to the shale Are are going to the High Court Infact the heartless fail Seismic testing in Clumber Park So thats to be their game To discover where to frack the rock … Continue reading


Planetary survivors Combative and strong Their universal conflict For some of them proved wrong Grappling with each circumstance Challenging the way Crossing swords with many And having to pay They had stickability Commitment and an aim They persisted where others … Continue reading

Anjali Goswami

Enduring surviving a genuine soul Well-grounded and tangible filling a role Of living one’s life with the purest of glow In essence in actual fact wanting to know Substantiality intrinsically she Delves into history wanting to be Ahead of the … Continue reading


The pen may yet be more powerful Than the sword of long ago The courage of one’s convictions Where chivalry doth grow Audacity and tenacity Unflinching in the field Where cautiousness and wariness And heedfulness may build A guardedness and … Continue reading


Critically endangered Which is why we should ask why Man so very unkind chooses Really to apply His arrogant behaviour To adding captivity To what is a wild cetacean Who should be forever free Immortally enduring Subsisting naturally In cold … Continue reading

Anna Rubicam stone cutter

Creating form The essence A silhoutette in time Countours structure Physiognomy Attitude in rhyme Shaping moulding carving Whittle chisel punch Knock and hammer Symmetry Beauty by the bunch Rhythmical and harmonious A marriage of mind and eye Of hands of … Continue reading