Torture and murder of whales

Corruption on the high seas is everywhere
The commision set to police it
Bottles out
Whaling should be banned and all the world
Should now agree
But ofcourse JApan and Norway
And the Faroes obstinacy
Its their single minded attitude
As excuses come and go
Traditional and culture
And we don’t want to know

The faroes islands madness
Is really beyond the pale
They consider themselves as vikings still.
Hard liners who just fail
To meet their obligations
To the world and to the whales
They have no respect of commissions
They simply off the rails

Such irreversibility should be rewarded by
Boycotts let them feel the pinch
Their salmon no one should buy
Despite polluted carcass mercury and P C B’s
They create their grind and continue
Sadly the Faroese
Are adament and unbending
And the IWC
are toothless when it comes to it
Such inflexibility

Hard nose intransigent governments
And the rebellious should be
Brought to book with sanctions
And with boycotts They should see
Don’t let them Keep the upper hand
Their fanatical refrain
Shouldnt be rewarded For me that is now plain
The whales are being cut to ribbons
Or harpooned painfully
The use of spears and vile grenades
Is malevolence we be
Accepting their worst intentions
Their spitefulness and gall
Their mercilessness and savageness
Its brutality as a rule

Cold harpoons and electruc lances
Bullets all are used
The larger whales they suffer so
They are being abused
Tortured such barbarity
We are wicked through and through
These are sentient mammals
And it will not do

Most of them are more intelligent
Than the whalers which is why
It just shows how black hearted
They are and as they die
Screaming unforgiving persecuted by
Japan Norway and the Faroes and Icelsnd
To who ply
The oceans really hostile and unsympathetic
To the cause
Truly they are pitiless
Unwilling to pause

It must come down to sanctions
Hit them where it hurts
Their exports that will choke them up
If they lose their shirts
Their salmon trade their digital trade
Whatever if it bites
It may just then convince them
That the world at large has rights

Its sinfulness to hunt these souls
Its immorality
Besides they all are breaking the law
And the I W C
Was established in 1982
So these pirates need their arses kicked
Which all of us must do
They have all been caught red handed
The burden of guilt is theres
They are the ones transgressing
No good mouthing prayers

Based around self interest
Self centred every one
They havent got a leg to stand on
When the day is done
Pariahs thats their title
Cetacean murdering they
Must be made to stop these immoral acts
Or collectively pay

One comment on “Torture and murder of whales

  1. Viktor Hansen on said:

    “Japan Norway and the Faroes and Icelsnd”

    And the USA, Canada, Russia, Indonesia and Caribbean islands also kill cetaceans for meat, the quota in Alaska is higher than in Iceland for example. Why are these 4 countries always singled out as the main villains?

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