Peter Benchley’s sensationalism
Took the shark and lifted them
Into the psyche and beyond
Into the water lets respond
To the music and the ominous fin
That breaks the surface
To underpin
The element of total fear
Within us all
That does appear

This perfect design
This compact soul
An apex predator
In control
Part of the food chain
A carnivore
A conductor of music
Who knows the score

Fluid fill canals
Just under the skin
Its about vibrations
And how they pin
A novel approach to sensing prey
Really from very far away

In culinary circles
The far east
Really dwells hard on this beast
Sharks fin soup a gelatinous stew
its pointless eating thats my view
Anything positive Shout out loud
Eating the soup won’t make you proud

Severed alive and left to die
Suffocated ask me why
Yu chi tang a lousy soup
Tasteless gooey snub the group
Is out on why we assassinate
Millions of sharks that we don’t create

Each to his own but sharks are friends
Apex predation really lends
Itself now to the biosphere
Who checks the balances every year?
Slaughtering sharks is destroying life
Creating imbalance and so much strife
More prey animals everywhere
Eating the food, are we aware?
Of the need to stop this
And by so doing
Stop killing sharks
For Its our undoing

We destroy ourselves
And the great food web
And its really when life begins to ebb
When there is less predation
Prey animals prey
On just more and more food every day
Causing the shortages
We all know
We need the sharks
To always show

To display their vigour
Their image too
They leave an impression
Oh yes they do
“Jaws” was all fiction
Through and through
And it meant sharks were murdered
Which is true

Leave the sharks alone they are essential
To the health and the wellbeing of our oceans

2 comments on “Sharks

  1. Kimberly on said:

    Wow thank you, you are my poet master and friend. This is powerful

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      And you my dear mean so much to me your support of what I do
      Is the fuel that keeps me going
      So many have a go at me for what I do just a few like me
      Feed me with love x

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