Crozet Islands the Orca’s and the elephants seals

The southern indian ocean
The Crozet Islands where
Elephant Seals and Orca’s
And King Penguins seem to share
The wild unspoilt horizons
Creation at its best
An absolute preamble
For the spirit it does test

The Patagonian Tooth fish
Or the Chilean Sea Bass
Supposedly delicious
But the fisherman are crass
Long lines hooked a sunder
Terror everywhere
Orca’s come to help themselves
The baited lines to share

These boats can lose a fortune
For the Orca’s with their guile
Wait until the lines are pulled in
And pilfer them with style
The corruption so apparent
For the fisherman adopt
Dynamite against the Orca pods
And so have stopped

The practice and reduced the numbers
A very wicked game
But around the Crozet Islands
It isnt quite the same
This rocky island paradise
Sees Elephant Seals and they
All congregate there
they have their pups
It is there too that they play

Also the King Penguins
Hundreds of them there
And Orca’s come to hunt the seals
And penguins to despair
This is the way of Nature
Its a wild and stormy place
The sea can be tumultuous
And its there that the Orca’s chase

The elephant seals and the penguins
Their game of tag and fight
Intrigue and opportunity
And patience in plain sight
The economy of spirit
When the weather can be hard
When the breakers become mountainous
And you dare not be off guard

There is logic and theres order
In a most concerting way
But fierce storms can bring chaos
And destruction to the day
Living through the seasons
Through the roughness of the sea
The crashing smashing violence
To the turbulence that be

Crashing waves at boiling point
A Creaming foaming mass
Blundering into the rocks
Tantrums felt alas
If you happen to be wanting
To feed your babies you
Must brave the angry smouldering
Waves that are hoping to

Stop you in your very tracks
And lift you to the sky
Or crush your body between the rocks
Who will dare defy
Neptune’s fiesty vitriol
In a boiling rage
Roaring and rampaging
Clearly hard to gauge

The penguins try to do this
They have to afterall
Feeding their young babies
They must take on the squall
The Orca’s also waiting
The dangers clearly there
So A dozen or so together
On a wing and on a prayer

A maelstrom in the making
A backwash to the swell
Driving rain and icy breath
It really feels like Hell
Knocked this way and thrown that way
Finally they make
The open see and thrilled to be
The fish all for the sake

Of their offspring waiting on the beach
Brown fur waddling souls
Rocking now from side to side
A little bit like trolls
Screeching for their mothers
Who are making their way back
Through the turmoil and the waves
And the orca’s and the flack

It must be really frightening
The carnage that can be
In the valley and the shadow of death
Such mortality
But clearly some get through it all
And, do feed their chicks
Amazing constitutions
Despite the many kicks

Meanwhile great hunks of blubber
With a sort of elephants nose
Titans ready to do battle
It will come to blows
Building a harem has to be
Confrontational certainly
Which many females understand
And the biggest male in all the land
From His congregation he will make
His presence felt no give all take

And all the while the Orca’s they
Are waiting there out in the spray
The seals will leave and mothers who
Become their prey will it is true
Leave their babies on the sand
Alone and they will die the band
Of Orphans no where else to go
If they make the sea and reach the flow
The orca’s will be waiting still
And in the breakers blood will spill

The natural world is cruel and kind
The roaring forties they unwind
A bitterly cold Vents its way
a vengeance on the sand today
Seals are paralysed they know
They feel alone with no where to go
Head down waiting now for death
Watch them take their final breath

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  1. Rose doheny on said:

    Hauntingly beautiful poem

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