Baiting stations in Russia

I remember my mother
She did love us so
Two little cubs
She watched us grow
Showed us the ropes
Built up our hopes
Nurtured us till
It was her time to go

The existence of man
In Russia where we
Lived our wild life
In perpetuity

The realization
Of wickedness they
Undeniably given
And made to pay

Foxes and badgers
And wolves and boars
Bears and Raccoons
Went through the wars

Chained up and muzzled
Hurled into pain
Startled and bitten
By dogs and again

We were the bait
On a plate
And our fate
Was vile and dispicable
And has been of late

It was all about hunting
The hostility
Each confrontation
Felt contrary

To anything fair
We were tortured each day
Chained up and allowed to be bitten
As play

Total disorder
The lack of discipline
And abomination

Embroiled in such cruelty
We were the bait
Tumult and frenzy
We in such a state

All hell broke loose
A whirlwind of pain
Snarled at and balled up
Again and again

A riotous state
A tempestuous taunt
Unruly and knotted
This was no jaunt

We were all wild
With vigour and drive
But were cut down to size
So as not to survive

Powerless to fight back
Deposed of our bite
Disentitled and deprived
Disarmed for each fight

Neutralized undermined
Muzzled and tied
Drained of our forces
Our strength was denied

It was all about violence
Each outburst we saw
Dogs at our throats
Like never before

Brutal and bloody
Thrashing and rough
Volcanic and seismic
And exceedingly tough

In a limited space with a chain
Pulling tight
Two dogs at your throat
Nothing is right

Uncaring and reckless
Slipshod and slapdash
Untended and unprotected
Treated like trash

Ignored and passed over
Our testimony
Refuted by all of them

The dogs demonstrating
And evil abroad
Trained by the wickedness
Who could afford

Trained to be callous
In so many ways
Driven mad and unhinged
In a deceptive phase

The drama of karma
No where to be seen
Just disinclinstion
Akin to obscene

Indisposed and reluctant
To ever be fair
We were wild we were fair game
And I was the Bear

Endurance and fortitude
Drummed into me
My mother her lessons
Had unceasingly

Prepared me for humans
Whose obstinacy
Was often fanatical

As for their wickedness
Angst grief and woe
They were outrageous
An insidious flow

Of distressing ugliness
Teetering on
The edge of destruction
Out there upon

The snow of the forest
The iciest breath
We fought like the clappers
Visiting death

Pouncing and falling
And pitching into
Ravage and harry
Spoil for a fight
That is what they do

Bloodthirsty battles
The dogs of war
Armed to the teeth
Wanting our gore

A continual struggle
Wretchedness rules
The trainers are evil
A complete bunch of fools

Annus horribilis
That describes each day
Each hour and in each minute
In every way

Coerced and subjected
To terror in vain
To utter persecution
For draconian gain

For us it is hopeless
No prospects at all
I am inconsolable
Yes as a rule

No place for gallantry
Bottle or guts
It only brings agony
From those mad muts

Its best to give up
Let the dogs have their way
Protest to our gods
Really just stay

be the coward
That like to scream
At least it is over
This nightmare dream

The next life
One hopes will be better than this
Will be wild and far away from
The human abyss

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